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If you ever wanted to know what does the future of iGaming holds, then look no more. We present you with one of the most impressive online casinos in recent times, the utmost rewarding and technologically oriented:

Bitcasino has officially partnered with GamblersConnect

Considering how fast the iGaming world is improving, it is safe to say that there is a long list of online casino operators that are constantly fighting for the title of ‘most technologically advanced’. And being that without the latest gaming features pretty much every online casino is doomed, being able to keep up with the latest trends is definitely imperative for our industry. This is why Gamblers Connect decided to present you with one online casino operator that is on a mission to become the best in the game,

Regardless of what your preferences are when it comes to online casinos, Bitcasino is specifically tailored to make you forget everything you thought you knew about online casino gaming. And boy there are a lot of reasons for this statement.

For one, should you decide to try, you will find that there are a whopping 4131 games at your disposal. Out of this crazy number, over 3800 are online slots alone, followed by nearly 150 online casino games as well. And not only that, but Bitcasino also relies on a rather unique and utmost helpful tool, the live RTP feature. This helps you monitor the exact return to the player for each slot, and is something that all casinos should integrate into their platforms.

Moreover, Bitcasino is also one of the utmost rewarding online casino operators, and it only takes one look at the VIP club to see what we mean. We will only tell you that some of the amazing rewards in the VIP club include luxury yacht cruises, as well as numerous sports manifestations and events. All are specifically tailored to provide a high-end lifestyle experience.

And this is only in addition to the Loyalty club. Yes, this operator makes sure that you have not one, but two separate reward sections. Not only this is quite rare (many operators don’t even have one), but it is also one of the utmost rewarding concepts we’ve seen in a while.

Whatever else we say, it won’t be enough to truly describe what you are getting with Bitcasino. Starting from the creative and beautiful design, up to the thousands of games, and cutting-edge gaming features. Everything points out that is a top-notch casino operator, and Gamblers Connect is proud to recommend our latest member of our family.

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