BetMGM to Pay $10.500 For A Single NFL Game Error

One of the top-tier gambling providers BetMGM, has to pay 10.500 USD fine for a sole error in the betting odds.

A single error in the NFL game Cleveland Browns vs Kansas City Chiefs is the culprit for the $10.500 fine that BetMGM must settle. For those who don’t know, BetMGM is one of the leading betting houses in the US. And now they are facing a potential fine for violating New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement laws. It just goes to show that regardless of the size of the brand, the strict regulations that the US gambling market applies equally to everyone. And BetMGM got to feel that first hand.

The unfortunate error occurred in the January 2021 playoff game between the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs. It was involving a prop bet on the performance of two players. More specifically, BetMGM was planning to offer one of their standard bets, where you can bet whether each quarterback will pass 300+ yards in the match. However, a manual error where the ‘3’ was not visible made it look like the number is ’00’. Thus making the bet 00+ yards or more. BetMGM realized the problem immediately, but it was too late since the damage has already been done.

This somewhat ‘costly’ error is more like a slap on the wrist. Especially when we see how much money a betting operator like BetMGM makes. Then the 10.500 are quite ridiculous. But, needless to say, that 10 grand for a single error in the odds is definitely something for BetMGM to ponder. Especially now that they are under the scrutinizing eye of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Who definitely won’t think twice to find them again if any additional discrepancies are discovered?

Furthermore, we expect this trend to continue. Since it shows that the player’s sake and safety is a priority in this gambling environment. And as such, we believe that any inconsistency and fraud against the player must be met with severe punishment. Hence, Gamblers Connect is always on the side of the player and salutes the BetMGM $10.500 NFL error fine.

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