Wolfy Casino & Gamblers Connect New Partnership

Gamblers Connect is proud to present our latest addition to the partners list, Wolfy Casino

Wolfy Casino has officially partnered with GamblersConnect

There are a few things that we tend to look at when we search for the right online casino. Yet, very few have the ability to attract your attention from the very beginning. That is the case with Gamblers Connect new partner, Wolfy Casino. Based in Cyprus, although operating just more than a year (2020), this Wolfy is already leaving impressions of a veteran casino.

What we mean by that, is that it is truly rare to find such a ‘young’ casino, with so many seasoned hints. If you just visit Wolfy Casino, you will instantly see why that is the case.

To begin with, one major thing is their slots. It is practically impossible to scroll through all of those games, let alone try them all out. Moreover, the amount of games is just mind-boggling. Over 4000 games at the moment, which is far more than many of those veteran online casinos.

What is also cool about Wolfy, is that you can win some serious money. More specifically, Wolfy is constantly having tournaments that have rewards that could definitely change your life. Not to mention the hefty Welcome bonus, that requires no wagering whatsoever, giving you the opportunity to get a bonus for each of your first 4 deposits. Now that is generous.

And to show you that Wolfy is all about treating the customer, it is one of the rare casinos that actually consider birthdays as bonus days. Meaning that Wolfy will gift each of its loyal players for their special day. This just shows that Wolfy definitely applies an innovative approach towards rewarding its customers.

Gamblers Connect recognizes that an online casino such as Wolfy has everything we look for in a casino. Moreover, we always strive to bring you the best content, entertainment and non-bias opinions. Our goal is to provide you with the most rewarding casino houses, which are also the people’s casinos.

Additionally, it is very important that those rewards do not come with hidden requirements. And we all know that usually smaller income casinos tend to struggle with big payments, or have tricky rules. But, that is not the case with Wolfy.

As such, we can definitely and proudly say that Wolfy ticks all our boxes. So, do not let the fact that Wolfy is a ‘new’ online casino fool you. It is quite the opposite. The rewarding attributes, along with the entertainment potential is what makes this online casino a real threat for even the top-dogs of the industry.

And if they keep conducting their business and innovations in such a manner, it could be very soon that Wolfy becomes one of the market leaders. Just visit Wolfy Casino, and you will see why Gamblers Connect is proud to be part of the wolf pack.

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