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JoLynn Jordan:

My identity was already confirmed at wild Casino and I have made multiple successful (fairly large) withdraws. Prior to this experience, Wild Casino is my favorite place to game, online.

They declined my first withdraw on 9-2 for $100 due to a “relationship explanation”. They said they needed my phone number but never called. This was the first time I had ever been declined and was very confused. I played through the $100 & lost it. However, I continued to send emails to the support team, asking what was wrong with my account. And what we needed to do to fix it. I sent them 2 emails and stated, I wanted to be sure my account had no problems. I didn’t want to continue to deposit if I could redeem any winnings, should I have some.

I speak to online chat support several times a week. The casino continued to let me deposit, grant good will gestures, and give me bonuses if I requested. I assumed there were no issues. Had I violated thier terms, wouldn’t they just close my account?

Recently, my balance got as high as $5,000. I tried to withdraw and it wouldn’t let me. Online support scheduled a time for the casino to call me for 10AM. They never called. When I reached out to the casino they threatened to block me. I have all the emails and screenshots of the online chat support.
I have reviewed their terms and conditions and haven’t violated anything. I proceeded to email them over 5 times (to the email instructed) & they will not reply. None of the 3 email addresses I have tried will.

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  • admin says:

    Dear Wild Casino team,

    Could you please provide us with an explanation of the player’s situation in more detail?

    If we are talking about a breach of the casino’s Terms and Conditions, is the casino able to substantiate it’s decision with relevant evidence?

    It is possible to share the data directly here, with your reply, or by sending them to our email address: [email protected]

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