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I am writing regarding a matter that I’ve tried, for a week now, to resolve with the casino themselves.  Anyway, on August 15th of this year, at around 05:30 in the morning, I was playing one of their slots, “Kung Fu Panda”, at $1 per spin.  On one spin in particular, I won 5 in a row teapots (as shown in the attached pictures, from Wild Casino’s own records of my gameplay) which should have paid out $100, according to the game’s pay table (see attached photo of game’s paytable).

I reached out to live chat about the game not paying out on a very clear win and they created a case and forwarded escalated the case on to their review department.  I was told they would be b in touch within 24 hours. After not hearing back from them after 24 hours I reached out again and was told that after reviewing the case, the spin was determined to be a losing spin and therefore no funds were due to the player.  I was astonished, to say the least, and asked them to please review the case again.  The chat representative assured me that they were re-escalating the case and that they would be in touch in another 24 hours.  Again, no response from them after 24 hours. 

I just reached out to them again and asked them for an update only to learn that my case was never re-escalated to have a secondary review and that their decision was final that the spin was a loss and they were not going to have another look at the gameplay. They then offered me a $5 credit, to which I declined, for my loss.  I reasonably asked them why they would offer me anything at all for a spin that they truly believed had lost.  No answer was given. 

I also pointed out that the game in question is still actively running, allowing other players to potentially get ripped off by being faulty and not paying out on winning spins.  I should have won $100 and they refuse to even acknowledge that their game is faulty.  Please advise me on how to further proceed.  The $100 winnings of mine is hardly a loss in comparison to how much money, of all the players combined, could be lost to this game. 

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  • Hello Kristin,

    Thank you for the details that you sent to our email address.

    We will forward this case to the casino rep’s.

    Best regards,

    Complaints Team, Gamblers Connect

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