Why And How iGaming Aggregators Make Online Casino Operators’ Lives Easier

Every online casino operator in the iGaming industry understands that you cannot be successful unless you know what your audience actually wants to see. This entails providing payment methods with widely used currencies, offering big and lucrative jackpots, and incorporating games that are specifically chosen to target players in their designated markets. Yet, with all of this in mind, one cannot help but ask whether there is a viable solution that can integrate all of these essential features into a single platform easily and without effort. Well, this is where the quintessential iGaming aggregators enter the scene.


Slotegrator – iGaming Aggregator

Online casinos rely heavily on aggregators being that they are crucial in connecting operators with banking systems, affiliate platforms and game suppliers, among the many sectors of the iGaming industry. Considering that iGaming aggregators give access to operators to basically everything that they need in order to successfully run their businesses, it is definitely imperative to have a look at how they work.

What does the process look like?

The reason why aggregators are so important is that they drastically assist online casinos by making sure they have every necessary tool at once. In particular, aggregators tend to put pen to paper on contracts that provide the operators with a long list of various iGaming studios that can include up to hundreds of partnerships, which consequently means that they provide specific markets/clients with services regardless of their software needs.

This means that aggregators collect the entire gaming content from all of their partners in order to perform effortless integration to other platforms of the online casino through a single application programming interface (API). After this is done, the aggregators will then gather a percentage of the generated gross gaming revenue (GGR) in the form of a commission, via the gaming content that they provide.

The best part about aggregators is that they can use the very same method for other iGaming services such as affiliate programs, banking systems, promotional tools, etc. More specifically, aggregators use meticulous analysis before making a choice, and afterwards, they integrate them into the online casinos’ platform in just one session.

Why is this model the best choice for operators?


The business model of aggregators has certain perks that eventually pay off, and this is in addition to saving the online operators from paying commissions by integrating the content directly from the iGaming providers.

1. Aggregators save time

Another major benefit of aggregators is time-saving. This way, the operators don’t waste any of their precious time negotiating the painstaking terms and conditions that are inseparable when making a contract with an iGaming provider in order to integrate the games on their platform. With aggregators, this labour-intensive process is managed solely by the legal team that represents the aggregator. Thanks to the aggregator, operators have the ability to easily integrate an unlimited number of titles from an unlimited number of various iGaming studios, and only sign one contract in the process. Since aggregators offer numerous vendors a single contract, they drastically save the operators both time and paperwork, which can then be allocated to different departments.

2. Aggregators ensure technical excellence

Speaking of time-saving, aggregators are also useful since they save both time and energy for the technical team of the operators, being that they use advanced API solution to integrate content from an unlimited number of providers in just one session.

Another important aspect of aggregators is that they are built to resolve any technical difficulties that may occur in the process, in order to save operators from directly contacting iGaming developers, and save them even more time until they resolve the matter.

3. Aggregators provide ongoing support


Working with operators means that operators can enjoy the perk of having 24/7 support. More specifically, not only do aggregators resolve any technical issues that might occur on the platform, but they even make sure to provide both technical and account management support. Employing central support for an assortment of vendors in contrast to contacting each and every provider individually is far more advantageous for the operators and as such, it is a guarantee that even minor issues won’t be overlooked.

The Slotegrator Academy’s YouTube channel provides more details on how aggregators work via the use of high-quality videos. Specifically, this educational channel is a project by Slotegrator that is meant to provide operators with the necessary tools in order to successfully target their designated market, and consequently educate iGaming operators on how aggregators work.

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