US Soccer Joins Forces with Esports Engine

US Soccer & Esports Engine partner up with the goal to find the best eSoccer team to represent USA in the Fifae Nations Online Qualifier in 2021.

The United States Soccer Federation came out with a statement in which they announce that Esports Engine will be the official provider partner for the eNational Finals. Esports Engine is one of the leading event organizers when it comes to eSports. One look at their rich portfolio and you will see that they have experience of over 20 years in the business.

Hence the possibility to cooperate with the national sporting federation such as the U.S. Soccer. So, when a national federation such as US Soccer partners with a company such Esports Engine it usually means good things are on the way.

Furthermore, this reportedly several million dollar deals will mark the first time that Esports Engine partners with a national federation. However, this is not the first time that U.S. Soccer dabbles in eSports. Specifically, in 2019, when the federation had its first search for eNational team. The potential winners would then go on and take part in the Fifa eNations Cup.

The current event which starts on the 9th of April will be the final stage for the search for the new eChampion. Whoever comes out victorious, will get the chance to represent the U.S. eNational Team. Which eventually will participate in the Fifae Nations Online Qualifier 2021. And the perks of such a partnership doesn’t end just here.

Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity for both regular and eSoccer to gain new fans. Not to mention the whole new market that both parties would definitely want to ‘peep’. The president and co-founder of Esports Engine, Mr. Adam Apicella said it best:

As gaming and sports culture become more intertwined, we see events like the U.S. Soccer eNational Team Finals as unique opportunities to drive engagement amongst current fans, reach new audiences, and grow love of the sport.

Adam Apicella – President & CO-Founder of Esports Engine

David Wright, the US Soccer Chief Commercial Officer had also high praise for their new partners:

We are excited to open a pathway to the eNational Team for the broader community of players and fans across the United States, while also recognizing the commitment and success by those at the top of the FIFA Global Series rankings.

David Wright – US Soccer Chief Commercial Officer

Given that this is not the first such venture for the U.S. soccer federation can be also good. Meaning that this talent search is expected to have a positive outcome. Even more so if we take into consideration the pedigree of both parties. As David Wright from the US Soccer Federation explained:

Esports continues to provide us with an opportunity to connect with new fans and grow interested in the sport of soccer here in the United States. We are looking forward to a thrilling competition and determining our two eNational Team representatives for this year.

David Wright – US Soccer Chief Commercial Officer

Consequently, if we take everything into consideration, this is a pretty smart move. We all know that soccer in the USA is not even in the top 3 sports. As a matter of fact, it is just beginning to catch on. Especially in the past decade. Hence, eSports combined with the US National Soccer Federation is one of the best ways to integrate players from both worlds. Combining the talent scouts of the US Soccer Federation, and the Esports Engine influence and logistics in the field can work miracles. And eventually, produce the best team for the upcoming Fifae Nations Online Qualifier in 2021.

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