Urgent: Gamdom Live Support Email Hacked!


It is with great urgency that we inform you that Gamdom, a top online casino operator, was a victim of hacking. The breach of security occurred this morning when the live support email of the company was compromised, targeting a certain group of users with an email containing malware.

More specifically, the content of the infected email informs users that Gamdom has created its own token called the $GDM token, inviting the targeted audience to click on the link and explore the new features.

Moreover, the email is done in a professional manner where it promotes the $GDM token as an enhancement and upgrade to improve the “usability, functionality, and overall user experience”, stating several key features that are supposed to provide users with the “best possible gaming experience”.

The infected email encourages Gamdom users to click on the “Let’s Begin” button, explore these features, and share the feedback with the casino. It even announces similar projects and updates in the near future, making the content of the email even more believable. 

Needless to say, this is clearly a phishing attempt aimed at obtaining sensitive information from Gamdom users who click on the “Let’s Begin” button, which is why we wish to urge any readers who received this email to NOT CLICK on the red button!

The compromised email:

Hacked Gamdom Email

Gamdom reacted almost instantly and came out with an official announcement denouncing the email and informing its users just 30 minutes after the malicious email was sent

The company took it to Twitter and posted an apology denying any involvement in such a project, and imploring its users not to open the email. Below we present you the official tweet of Gamdom and their apology.


This breach of security is a reminder that you should take everything that you receive in the email with a grain of salt, especially if you are involved in a sensitive industry such as iGaming.

If it can happen to a leading operator with a large database such as Gamdom, then it can happen to everyone. This is why we feel it is our duty to advise you to double-check everything that you receive in your inbox prior to clicking on links, regardless of the sender.

Stay safe, and gamble responsibly.

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