Tropical Tiki Is Definitely One Of The Strangest Releases Of Pragmatic Play

Tropical Tiki is clearly meant to raise some eyebrows and attract as much attention as possible in a very peculiar way.

Right from the start, we will start this article by saying that Tropical Tiki is an online slot that you won’t be able to forget easily. And this is not due to some insane life-changing win potential, nor because of some special gimmicks. This is because Tropical Tiki, courtesy of Pragmatic Play, at first comes as a product of some rather peculiar ideas. That is until you give it a shot and realize that it is not as bad as many may have you think.

For starters, it operates with a rather unusual, yet highly entertaining win system that involves accumulating the winning symbols on the screen. This alone is quite contrary to what we are used to seeing when it comes to matching winning symbols. Moreover, it doesn’t come with wild symbols, which may sound odd at first, but given that this slot puts more emphasis on scatters rather than wilds, it is still a rather decent and frequently rewarding substitute.

Furthermore, other strange things include the 12 locked positions that you play to open in the bonus round, where you can only unlock 8 out of the 12 positions. Another example is the expanding reels feature, where the 6×3 grid expands in order to provide you with extra options to hit a big win.

There are even free spins and a rewarding bonus round with an impressive win frequency when compared to other Tiki editions.

All things considered, Tropical Tiki is an online slot definitely deserves to be checked out. It provides a calming, yet colourful and fun theme, it comes with a rather decent 3000x your stake maximum win potential, and an unintentionally brilliant combination of unique features and mistakes. To put it in other words, this slot is perfectly imperfect.

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