The Swedish Gambling Inspectorate Accepts New Restrictions Proposal

Sweden’s gambling regulator is accepting some of the new restriction suggestions from the Swedish Gambling Market report.

The Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s official gambling regulator, agreed to several proposals to implement new restrictions on the Swedish gambling market. Though it is worth mentioning that the Spelinspektionen did not accept every recommendation that they received. Being more of a selective procedure. However, it seems like the Swedish gambling regulator will still accept many of the new restrictions. The situation in Sweden is another one on the list of similar gambling restrictions that currently wait for legislation across several European countries.

One suggestion the Spelinspektionen is most likely to implement is the additional limits on ads in the Gambling Market inquiry. This is probably the most frequent legislation that is currently taking a huge swing in many European countries. Furthermore, the 2020 report by the Swedish Gambling Market Inquiry, or the Spelmarknadsutrendnigen, is somewhat similar to the situation in Europe.

Specifically, they ask for strict gambling advertising, official licenses for software providers and the temporary deposit limit of SEK5.000 ($596) to remain permanently. One representative from the Spelinspektionen commented the following concerning the gambling adds regulations:

Requiring particular moderation is a positive step in enforcing responsible gambling. It is logical to have the same basic requirements for the marketing of games as on the marketing of alcohol-based on the risks associated with the products.

Spelinspektionen Representative

The Swedish gambling regulator made it clear right from the start as to which proposals will most likely stay. For one, they salute the idea of tighter restrictions on gambling advertising. Especially given that this is one of the key proposals in every country at the moment. Moreover, Spelinspektionen is also pro mandatory licensing for software operators. Another feature is an excellent idea by any standards. However, the regulator does not agree with a couple of the suggestions.

One example is the loss limitation rule. The Swedish regulator imposes the idea that loss limits should be investigated prior to implementation. And as such, it should only apply for the highest of risk games. In addition to providing and supplementing mandatory indications of the correct login time. Furthermore, the regulator praises the idea for software licensing, it comes with a condition.

That is if the gaming software license provides the software, not manufacture it. Moreover, the regulator also disagrees with certain suggestions. Specifically concerning the Swedish Public Health Agency. The idea is for the Health agency to create a risk classification model for various types of gambling. In addition to asking for official guidance on how to measure risk potential.

All in all, the idea behind all of these restriction suggestions is to protect the player. But at the same time, certain problems can impose a real issue if not approached carefully. Even more so now with how delicate this situation is. So regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain. Sweden gambling regulator is doing a fine job selecting from the various suggestions. We can only wait to see how things will unfold with this one. And not just in Sweden, but in all of Europe as well. Especially now with this trend of new and ‘improved’ restrictions that are being enforced all around us. And will the Swedish gambling regulator accept new potential restrictions?

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