The Slot Squad Opens America’s First Ever Legal Casino Channel in Michigan

Michigan gets its first ever online casino and slots channel, thanks to The Sport Squad group.

It seems like these days we only get good news when it comes to online gambling and the USA. Especially with the latest information we just got. For that matter, Slot Squad has become the first one of its kind to capitalize on this opportunity. Launching the first legal casino channel in Michigan. More specifically, following the long-awaited approval that allows online casino gambling in the state of Michigan. A pretty wise move, if you ask us. Given that being first usually means having that ‘edge’ over the bound-to-happen competition.

The long wait for a legal casino channel in the USA is finally over. Although not as big as some of the other companies, Squad Slot has a solid platform to offer its customers. The group consists of 6 members, who at the same time are the streamers for the content.

It is good to mention that each member is somewhat of an expert in the field of gambling. Moreover, the team also includes residents of the state of Michigan. If we had to guess, are probably the viewers of the channel themselves. Great way to interact with the viewers, must say.

The show airs every day on Twitch, at 8 PM EST. That is the platform on which you can follow and interact with both the streamers and other viewers as well. It is truly interesting just to watch the show since the action seems to never stop. Additionally, you can also win something for yourself.

For example, there are regular, free giveaways. Also, you can claim exclusive bet offers, and witness some of the biggest jackpot wins. For this matter, we will present you with the link just below, so that you can tune in and check it out whenever you feel like doing so.


It is good to know that The Slot Squad is practically a product of the affiliate firm Wedge Traffic. For that matter, the ties with them are inseparable to this day. When asked about the latest legalization, the co-founder of Wedge Traffic gave the following official statement:

Casino streaming is something which has become hugely popular in Europe, but has not yet broken into America. We are already operating in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia with great success, and plan to bring that excitement to Michigan.

David Copeland – Co-Founder of Wedge Traffic

Consequently, the approval of the first-ever online casino channel is quite popular among the people of Michigan. With numbers of almost up to a thousand people watching the show each day. The biggest reason is that the people from Michigan are using the channel educationally. Specifically, as the perfect platform to fully educate themselves on what online casino gambling really is. In addition to any new laws and rules, given how frequently they can change.

Furthermore, there aren’t any viewing restrictions whatsoever. This makes for the utmost diverse audience, meaning that this type of channel is gaining traction fast. It seems like it does pay to be the first legal casino channel in Michigan. We cannot wait to see which state will legalize online casino gambling next. And even more to see who would challenge The Slot Squad in the battle for the best online and slot channel.

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