The New And Improved Gamblers Connect 3.0


Gamblers Connect 3.0

We are overjoyed and immensely proud to announce that Gamblers Connect went through a complete rebranding! A strategic move that reflects our forward-thinking approach and dedication to constantly improving our platform and services, the Gamblers Connect 3.0 version is inspired by the ever-evolving iGaming landscape that doesn’t forgive complacency and stagnation. 

It has been 3 years since we launched our project. Since then, we have made it our mission to steer Gamblers Connect in the direction of innovation, a goal that is rooted in improving the user experience of our beloved gambling enthusiasts. What started as a mere desire to create the ultimate iGaming affiliate website soon turned into something that no one here at Gamblers Connect could’ve predicted.

As time progressed, our foundation remained the same, but our aspirations grew. Our pursuit of excellence, followed by the perfect symbiosis of creative similarities and collective mindset made us realize that we simply cannot be satisfied with mediocrity. Providing our players with the most reputable gambling operators and the latest games is the core of our way of work, but it is not enough. Not at all.

To further improve our website, services, and overall experience of our players, we implemented revolutionary features such as the Responsible Gambling Index. We went from a small affiliate website to a multiple-award winning iGaming brand that since has been shortlisted for all of the major and most prestigious awards. Most importantly, we grew our network of partnerships and loyal players to record heights.


What’s New

Well, it wouldn’t be a complete makeover without changing a bunch of things and implementing a plethora of new features and new pages. We went through a complete rebranding and this includes everything from a new logo to a new home page, new sections, and even our approach and way of work. With that being said, let’s dive deep into the new and improved Gamblers Connect 3.0.

New Logo – New Era 

Well, on course with our progressive mindset, we decided to usher in an entirely new approach that best reflects our ambitious goals. Meet Gamblers Connect 3.0a leading iGaming affiliate website, cutting-edge media house, and ultimate iGaming hub that perfectly represents the ideal behind our rebranding. We mark a new era for our company where seamless interaction between our audience and website is key, and where education and advanced features are rooted in the platform.

To demonstrate our dedication to nurturing a state-of-the-art website, we rebranded our logo in a minimalist and modern manner without losing the recognizable trademark that is the Gamblers Connect identity. Sophisticated and new, yet still consistent with who we are, the new logo perfectly encapsulates the Gamblers Connect core values, way of work, and ability to constantly stay ahead of the curve

We decided to lose the yellow cowboy hat to simplify the overall design. Now we have a clean-looking and simplistic logo that is appropriate with the general contemporary tone of the new website. Similar to this, we also changed the font of the logo. We went from the “Hothead” Western-style lettering to a minimalist, slick font that is sharp and radiates elegance and sophistication, making the image of our brand appear timeless.

Though we made several major changes to our staple of recognition, we kept our recognizable and trademark green “NN” lettering and amplified the accent of the colour. A synonym for connecting the industry, our logo makes everyone feel included and welcome, and this is now amplified even further with our new and ageless design, but the same concept and mission.

The 6 Sections

We completely transformed our home page. Gone are the days when our home page design featured the three latest news. Now our readers will get access to a clean and practical new home page that will feature the 6 most important sections on our website:

  • iGaming News
  • Safer Play Guides
  • Gambling Guides
  • Casino Reviews
  • Slot Reviews
  • Slot Providers

By clicking on any of these sections, you will be instantly taken to a bespoke page where you will find all of the necessary information regarding your inquiry. Time-saving and user-friendly, just as the industry implies, and just as our readers deserve.

Dedicated iGaming News Section

The crown jewel of the new home page is our new and improved dedicated iGaming news section. With just one click on the iGaming News tab on our home page, you will be teleported to a separate page that will feature all of the textual content that we have to offer. More like a media house than just a regular news section, the new iGaming News page will feature 7 different news categories, including:

  • Positions for Advertising – anyone interested in advertising its brand and/or services can contact us and publicize
  • Premium Partners – a dedicated slot that proudly displays our premium partners
  • Slot of the Month – a position where we will publish the Slot of The Month
  • Responsible Gambling Casino of the Month – a dedicated position where we display the Most Responsible Gambling Online Casino of the Month
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance )Section – a brand new section that will cover the latest news from the ESG sector in the iGaming industry
  • Sports Betting – a new section dedicated to Sports Betting featuring all of the latest news, best operators, etc.
  • Legal & Compliance – a section that will cover everything regarding the legal aspect of gambling

Every bit of information will be now presented on a single page. Seamless interaction is what we promised, and there is no place that this is more noticeable than our new iGaming News page. From interviews to the latest news on all topics gambling-related, this is the section that drives the entire Gamblers Connect website.


New Payment Methods Page

On track with the general rebranding and redesign of all of our outdated categories, we created a new Payment Methods page. Contemporary and minimalist, the new and improved Payment Methods page comes with refined design, but with the same in-depth reviews of the industry’s most popular and widely-used payment methods. We put special emphasis on creating a page that will be easy to use and with the fewest distractions, but at the same time, cutting-edge and informational.

New Slot Providers Page

One of the biggest and most significant changes of the new Gamblers Connect 3.0 version is undeniably the new Slot Providers page. For the first time ever Gamblers Connect has created a dedicated page solely for software providers. Moreover, this includes a main page where we proudly display all of the pioneering software developers that we partner with, neatly placed on a flawless and user-friendly section.

In addition, we provide a detailed description and in-depth guide for each software developer individually. From the history of the company and its features to licensing, type of entertainment, and casinos that support its games, the new Slot Providers page has every bit of crucial information. To show that we are always putting the needs of our players first, we also provide a list of demo games that you can instantly play in each of the reviews.

New Advertising Page

Fostering successful partnerships is impossible without timely communication and possessing the right information at the right time. Driven by this motto, and inspired by the desire to further strengthen our position as a brand that is known for facilitating exceptional communication, we created a brand new advertising page. Now, anyone who wishes to collaborate with us can easily do so with just a few simple clicks.

Probably the easiest way to request a media kit with the full information, the new advertising page is meant to drastically improve communication and cut off the middle man. No more back and forth on lengthy conversations and waiting for the other party to reply. With the new advertising page, we created a sole communication channel that never fails to deliver prompt response time and in-depth information regarding our media kits and advertising opportunities.

New How We Review Page

Despite all of the innovations and changes that we made, reviewing online gambling operators remains our bread and butter, and as such, one of the most important aspects of the entire Gamblers Connect experience. In addition to our revolutionary Responsible Gambling Index where we let you have an exclusive insight into how we grade how responsible are online gambling operators, we now give you another exclusive preview into how we review online casinos.

In the new “How We Review” page you get to see the evaluating process of the Gamblers Connect team of professionals, what we take into account when we review operators, and the reasons behind our scoring system. Our strict criteria and decade-long expertise allow us to assess online gambling operators with the utmost transparency and professionalism, and this is now available for everyone to see.

Gamblers Connect takes pride in our player-first approach and dedication to safer play and responsible gambling, which is why we are happy to show everyone the thought process behind our reviews.

New About Us Page

What is a company or an individual without identity? Well, given that Gamblers Connect meticulously builds a reputation as one of the most unique brands in the iGaming realm, we felt that it was only appropriate to create a new About Us page that will showcase our journey in the most appropriate way possible. Especially given the fact that we changed pretty much every major category and section on our website.

The new About Us page is fun and personalized and it invites you to see our journey in a straightforward yet transparent manner. In our 3 years of existence, we went through many ups and downs and created many memories. From our first nomination and first award to being shortlisted for all major iGaming rewards, we have come a long way since we launched this project. We created the new About Us page because we want to include our community in our magical journey, which is perhaps the main driving force behind the creation of this new section.


Final Thoughts

We hope that you will enjoy our new and improved website. Everything we do here at Gamblers Connect is driven by our undying desire to provide our readers with the best possible experience, in the most transparent and practical iGaming website on the internet. Good luck, have fun, and gamble responsibly.

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