The Most Popular Types Of Baccarat

The Different Types Of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most frequently played casino games in the history of both online and land casino establishments. This status as one of the top games places baccarat right up there with the other casino greats such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and keno. Well, considering that baccarat has been popular since its very own inception on the wide gaming scene, and the fact that is an essential part of all casino departments, it is no wonder that this game is the subject of a lot of copies that consequently results in a long list of different types of baccarat.

With this in mind, Gamblers Connect decided to sit down and comprise a list of only the most popular variations of baccarat that are currently played around the world. And while most of these variations are quite similar to the classic version, they all bring something different to the table.

Classic Baccarat

European Baccarat

One of the biggest differences between European baccarat and the classic game is in the way you finance the bankroll of the banker. More specifically, the banker is financed by the casino itself and has a predetermined limit for receiving bets on wins before each round.  These limits usually vary depending on the casino. For example, if the dealer receives $2000 per round, both players would be obligated to bet $1000 each. If this happens, the other players on the table won’t be allowed to bet, being that the limit was met. Consequently, in this variation, all the players that will win a round thanks to the banker are to pay a commission fee.

Furthermore, in a very similar manner to another variation of baccarat present on the list of most popular types, Chemin de Fer, in European baccarat, the player decides for himself whether he wants to play with an amount of five or less. Another similarity, though a bit rare, is the role of the banker, which in the European version is a duty that is performed by one of the players. One of the perks of this way of conducting the game is that the player/banker has the luxury of playing the 3rd card whenever he pleases.  

Mini Baccarat

The Mini baccarat, while mostly present at small to mid-sized casino establishments, is a different version of the Punto Banco variation. Played on a smaller table, and allowing some ridiculous small bets that are the opposite of the standard American variation, Mini baccarat differs because it requires just one croupier. Another interesting fact about Mini Baccarat is that you are not permitted to touch any of the cards, which is similar to yet another popular casino game, blackjack.

Consequently, the reason why Mini baccarat is so popular and consequently ended on our list of popular types is because of the low wager limits, which needless to say, are the reason why this version is growing more and more popular by the day, especially at smaller casino establishments around the USA.

Mini Baccarat

Punto Banco

One of the most popular types of the game of baccarat ever, Punto Blanco has decades of history as a favorite in land-based casino establishments throughout the UK, USA, and Australia. In fact, not only did it remain popular up until today, but Punto Banco is also one of the most popular live dealer casino games at quite a few online casinos

With its origins traced back to Argentina at the beginning of the 1900s, this game first reached the US shore around the 1950s, and as soon as it did, it immediately became an instant fan favorite to this very day. This variation of baccarat is so popular that there are dedicated VIP casino sections specifically for Punto Banco, consequently making it somewhat of a trademark of the United States gambling scene.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is best described as similar to blackjack in a manner, being that the players must place a wager that is actual money if they wish to see their cards. Moreover, the players are required to place a bet that is supposed to guess who has the winning hand, the banker, or the player. Being that in this variation the names “player” and “banker” don’t mean anything, in Punto Banco, you don’t receive the cards that you own. This means that if you decide to back the dealer it won’t mean betting against your own good. 

Chemin Du Fer

We cannot make a list of the most popular types of baccarat without mentioning the absolutely exciting French version of the game, Chemin Du Fer. The reason why this variation has conquered the world lies in its unique concept, where the players don’t bet against the casino itself, but rather among themselves. Moreover, this variation of baccarat is played with 6 decks and on a rather big table. While the end goal of the game itself remains the same (hit 9 or anything close to 9), this is just one of the few similarities with the classic baccarat game. 

The game starts with the banker (the player whose turn is to deal the cards) placing a wager which is consequently the maximum amount he wants to risk, and he is “forced” to match all bets from the players (punters) that are prepared to match this amount. Needless to say, the player/punter retains the right to refuse the role of the banker, that is if he pays the 5% commission fee.

Chemin du Fer

Furthermore, the game starts clockwise, and each player has to determine how much he is willing to wager against the bank without surpassing the set limit. The player that has the highest wager on the table will then represent all other players that are on the table with lesser bets. The banker will then deal two hands, one for the representative of the player, and one hand for himself. In the case of dealing with a natural 9 or 8, this must be announced so that both hands can be compared to determine the winner

However, if this doesn’t happen, then both the punter and the banker reserve the right to get a 3rd card. After this, the player with the winning hand will get his payout, only with the 5% commission fee which is for the banker deducted.

Moreover, if the banker decides to bet the entire amount, these rules slightly change. If this occurs, then the players receive the option to bet on whatever remains, or the full amount and the way this is done is by simply saying “go bank” when your turn comes. Finally, just as with the classic baccarat variation, in Chermin Du Fer, once the dealer loses, he has to “pass the torch” to the next player on the table who wants to take the role of the banker, clockwise.

Baccarat En Banque

Baccarat en Banque is yet another variation of baccarat that is quite similar to the French Chemin de Fer if we consider that in both variations one of the players is assigned as the banker. However, Baccarat Banque is a bit different from Chemin de Fer being that in this variation the role of the banker is somewhat permanent. We say permanent because only the banker himself can decide whether he wants to withdraw or proceed as the bank. In cases when the banker decides to withdraw from the position, it is either due to the loss of his funds or simply free will.

Also known as Deux Tableaux, Baccarat en Banque is played with a three-card deck that is inter-shuffled, with the player sitting right at the middle of the table, facing the dealer. Aside from the players that are seated at the table, the bystanders can also participate and play only in the case that the limit that the banker sets is not reached

Baccarat Banque

And the resemblance to Chemin de Fer doesn’t end there. In fact, several rules such as the exchange of cards (accepting and offering, winning with a straight 8 or 9, etc, are just some of the few. Consequently, being that the Baccarat Banque puts special emphasis on the bank, and as such, it makes being the banker a bit more different from other versions, it is no wonder that is one of the most played variations out there.

3-Card Baccarat

The most unique thing about 3-card baccarat, and what sets it apart from its classic counterpart is the neat option to wager specifically for the hand of the dealer. This is done by placing the bets in separate boxes on the table, with the players also reserving the right to wager for a tie. Yet, this is one of the “worst” bets you can make betting on tie-in 3-card baccarat increases the house edge by more than 20%.


Speaking of the house edge, it is good to mention that the dealer has a lower house edge of 2.91%. Moreover, if you decide to bet that the dealer will get zero points, you get a payout that is 8 to 1, which is similar to the payout for individual numbers, which is also 8 to 1. Lastly, keep in mind that the provability fair for every number from 1 to 9 is almost 10%.

EZ Baccarat

Right off the bat, we can easily say that the main reason why EZ baccarat is one of the most popular types of baccarat on a global level is that there is no commission-free. Similar to the classic baccarat game, EZ baccarat comes with a banker and player, and you can wager on one of the two. Moreover, the game starts with the dealer dealing two hands with two cards, one is for the banker, and the other one for the player. Just as with the classic baccarat variation, the goal is to bet which of the hands will get as close as possible to 9.


While still on the subject of EZ baccarat, it is so popular that there is a variation of this variation that originates from 2004. In this version, both the winning player and the banker win even money in case of a win. The only instance this is not the case is if the banker is victorious if he draws a 7 from the third card. Additionally, EZ baccarat has two extra features, the Panda 8, a wager that consists of a high 8 win from three winning cards with a payout of 25-1, and Dragon 7, a wager that consists of a three card 7 win made by the banker.

Super 6

One of the easiest variations out of all the popular baccarat types on this list, Super 6 is a fan-favourite simply because it requires little to no effort to be mastered. The interesting thing about Super 6 is that while the rules remain the same just as with the standard blackjack variations, the payout system is completely different.


Also known as Punto 2000, the house edge for the banker at Super 6 is around 1.46%, which is higher if we compare it to the standard 1.058%, and in this variation, the banker can win with a 6 around 5 times per eight-deck shoe. Consequently, the fact that it comes with an increased house edge, as well as the speed with which it calculates and collects the commission from the banker that is winning. That is unless the banker wins with a six.

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