The Best Gladiator-Inspired Online Slots

Gladiator Online Slots

When we think of online slots, the first thing that usually comes to mind is options. This wide term includes everything ranging from the volatility and RTP of the slot to the hundreds of different themes which are undoubtedly the most exciting part of the entire game selection process, and as such, definitely one of the most important. And when it comes to the most popular themes in the online slot community, several categories are always emerging as the most sought-after by many online slot players. One of those categories is the all-time classic historical online slots, with themes such as ancient Egypt and Greece constantly serving as the inspiration for pretty much every other historical slot out there. However, there is also one specific period in history that has been used as an inspiration for countless online slots, and consequently, our subject for today, and those are the gladiator-inspired online slots, one of the most frequently played out of the entire historical slots department.

For this reason, we decided to comprise a list of three of the most popular and most played gladiator online slots.

Gladiator: Road to Rome – by Playtech

Let’s be honest, most of us learned about the fearless gladiators thanks to the 2000s Oscar-winning masterpiece of a movie directed by Ridley Scott, Gladiator, which follows the life of the Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius, played by the legendary Australian actor Russel Crowe. Well, needless to further state the obvious, Playtech used this film as an inspiration to create the popular gladiator-inspired online slot, Gladiator: Road to Rome. And very similar to the success of the movie, this online slot also quickly captured the hearts of many online casino players throughout the world.

Sure, while the fact that this is an officially branded online slot does help in gaining new players, Playtech wanted to make a statement by not letting the popularity of the movie be the sole reason why this gladiator slot is one of the most popular ever. No, the real magic in Gladiator: Road to Rome lies in the whopping win potential (£815,000 progressive jackpot – on average), the massive 30.000 times your stake win possibility per free spin, and the exciting plethora of rewarding bonus features.


Full of symbols inspired by the characters from the movie itself, just as expected, the online slot Gladiator: Road to Rome is set in the Roman Colosseum. While you will find that there are quite a few symbols, ranging from numbers, letters and movie-inspired characters, as you probably assumed yourself, the most valuable by far is the Gladiator symbol. Not only does it have the power to substitute all of the other symbols in the game, but it also can turn into a wild as well.

Should you manage to land the Gladiator symbol stacked on the reels, it will transform into a wild that replaces all of the other symbols while making a nice winning combination. In addition, there is also the Colosseum Free Games feature, where you can choose three shields, with each shield granting a different set of benefits, such as multipliers, extra free spins or wilds. Yet, nothing beats the Gladiator Bonus feature, whereby landing 3 helmet symbols, you get to choose out of 9 different helmets and receive either bronze, silver or gold prizes.

Now, considering that the biggest progressive jackpot ever won at Gladiator: Road to Rome was a staggering £2.7 million, and the fact that the said progressive jackpot drops every 13.5 weeks, it is easy to see why this online slot is one of the ultimate fan favourites. I mean, you can get a hefty £50.000 just on the seed jackpot alone, and this is the lowest jackpot that you can win. With all of the bonus features, jackpots and multipliers in mind, it is safe to assume that the movie masterpiece that is Gladiator, got the ideal iGaming counterpart in Gladiator: Road to Rome by Playtech, and their popularity among the players only speak volumes about this fact.

Spartacus Gladiator of Rome – by MWS

We go from fictitious movie characters such as general Maximus, up to the real-life story of the legendary Thracian gladiator and instigator and leader of the famous slave mutiny from Capua, Spartacus. Being that Spartacus is the most popular gladiator to have ever lived, it is no surprise that his life is a frequent inspiration for various tv-shows, movies and books. And considering that the iGaming industry is all about possibilities, it is only natural to assume that even the legendary Thracian gladiator received props in the form of an online slot.

Launched in 2014, Spartacus is one of the most popular gladiator-inspired online slots pretty much for the same reasons as its predecessor, Gladiator: Road to Rome, and this greatly has to do with the rewarding bonus features, and most importantly, the overall win potential of the online slot, which when it comes to Spartacus Gladiator of Rome is clocked at an impressive 4.000 times your stake. This means that you can win a whopping £1.000.000 when making deposits with the highest value.

Created by MWS, Spartacus is a 5×4 reel online slot, but with a twist. As soon as the stacked wilds land on the 5×4 reels, they will automatically transfer into Colossal 5×12 reels, with one reel entirely filled. Moreover, if you happen to land 3 Colosseum scatter symbols on any of the reels, you will receive extra free spins appropriately to the number of scatter symbols landed on the reels as well. Just have in mind that the scatters can land solely on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reel, and in addition to the increase in the number of free spins, you will also get exponentially bigger value times your stake. And when we talk free spins and Spartacus, you can get up to 20 free spins per round, which needless to say is absolutely amazing.

Again, with Spartacus Gladiator of Rome, we have one of the gladiator-inspired online slots that are filled with historical symbols from Roman times such as a helmet, shield, sword, lion, warriors, etc. Yet, when we are speaking about the highest value symbols of this particular gladiator-inspired online slot, you should definitely watch for the Spartacus symbol. Not only does it pays out the most, but it also acts as the wild of this game, with the task of changing the symbols and firing up the Colossal reels.


All in all, while the graphics are not what you would expect from today’s point of view when we talk simplicity, hard-core gladiator fights and millions of worth progressive jackpots, then it is easy to see why Spartacus Gladiator of Rome frequently ends up on the most popular gladiator-inspired online slots.

Champions of Rome – by Yggdrasil

The third and final online slot on our list that was inspired by the legendary gladiators is called the Champions of Rome and is a product by a game development studio that always seems to pay special attention to the graphics and visuals, Yggdrasil. As a matter of fact, the Champions of Rome will swoop you off your feet with its graphics and beautiful depiction of the colosseum back in Roman times, which only adds extra excitement to the already electrifying arena. And this is without us mentioning all of the awesome features that make the Champions of Rome one of the most frequent choices when it comes to gladiator-themed online slots. Just so that you are up to speed, some of these features include the convenient Free Spins, the unique Deathmatch Mode, and the ridiculously rewarding Gladiator feature, which needless to say has the potential to change your life.

Launched in February of 2019, this is a 5 reel – 20 pay-lines online slot by Yggdrasil, which shortly put, was created to match the excitement of the gladiator fights as much as possible, totally living up to the expectations. And to realize why that is the case, we have to look at the exciting bonus features that this slot offers. Of course, the free spins feature is something that we all know, yet in this case, landing 3 or more scatters not only can drastically increase the value of your stake, but it can also reach a nice 600 times your stake.

But the best part by far is that you can also activate the free spins feature at any time you wish. Simply click on the Buy Bonus button, and for 50 times your overall stake you can manually trigger this feature. Even more impressive, the free spins feature has two different modes (Training and Deathmatch) and each has its own unique way of working. You just need to remember that the Gladiator symbol is the one that replaces all of the important symbols and that the Beast symbol grants an extra set of free spins, and that is it.


The Gladiator feature, while may not be as rewarding or exciting as the free spins feature, it still makes for a nice bonus treat. Namely, you trigger this feature by landing just 2 scatters, after which the online slot will release 1 out of 3 weapons on the reels, each releasing 4 wild symbols. The weapons included are The Sword (red gladiator), The Mace (green gladiator) and The Trident (blue gladiator), and each of the three comes with a different set of values. Now, while you may notice that unlike Gladiator Road to Rome, where we do not have a progressive jackpot, this doesn’t mean that you cannot win big.

Despite the fact that this is a medium to high variance online slot, you can still win a more than nice 4800 x your stake. For example, if you land all red gladiator symbols on the reels, you will win 1200 x your stake. But if you manage to do the same while in the free spins mode, then you win 4800 x your stake, thanks to the x4 multiplier. Either way, you simply cannot go wrong regardless of what you trigger or land on the reels, which consequently makes it one of the greatest gladiator-inspired online slots ever.

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