The MGA Appoints Charles Mizzi As The New CEO

Charles Mizzi, new CEO of the MGA – photo by MGA

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has appointed Charles Mizzi as the new CEO, following the end of the tenure of Dr. Carl Brincat. The outgoing CEO Carl Brincat will officially end his term on the 26th of January 2024, the date when Mizzi is set to take over the helm as the Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Gaming Authority.

Charles Mizzi, the newly-appointed CEO will work closely with the now-former Executive Carl Brincat to ensure an effective change of management and an overall smooth transition of the duties and responsibilities, a process which is expected to take at least one month.

The Board of Governors of the MGA is fully confident in the qualities of Charles Mizzi and believes that the new CEO has both the skills and knowledge to lead the regulator and accomplish its long-term goals successfully.

One of the main objectives of the new CEO for the duration of its five-year tenure will be to continue to establish the MGA as the industry’s leading gambling authority. This mission requires finding potential new investments and raising brand awareness from gambling operators and iGaming companies alike.

Charles Mizzi commented that he is honoured for the opportunity to serve as the new Chief Executive Officer of the MGA, and vows to work hard to strengthen the position of Malta on the global gaming regulation scene.

I am honoured to have been allowed to lead the Authority.

I am keen to build on past successes and, together with the team under the guidance of the Minister responsible and the Board of Governors, to strategically steer the Authority forward so that Malta’s already robust position in the field may be further strengthened while delivering value to all stakeholders.

Charles Mizzi – New CEO of the MGA

The Board of Governors is delighted with the swift transition and the prospect of Brincat working closely with Mizzi to ensure a smooth changeover, while at the same time praising its fast screening process and finding a new candidate, a procedure that started on the 30th of October 2023.

Moreover, the Board also thanks Dr. Carl Brincat for his outstanding service and dedication, recognizing that the former CEP played a pivotal role and had a priceless contribution to the overall operational capacity of the Malta Gaming Authority.

With his vast experience in managing the operations of a number of entities and his contributions towards major projects, Charles Mizzi is undoubtedly the right candidate to continue building on what the MGA has achieved so far, and lead his excellent colleagues within the Authority towards further future success.

Silvio Schembri – Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands

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