The Long Anticipated Christmas Tree 2 Is Finally Here

Christmas is nothing without a tree, and the guys and gals from TrueLab Game studio know this better than anyone: Get ready for a brand new holiday experience, the very entertaining Christmas Tree 2.

Christmas Tree 2 by TrueLab

Today we have another member of the Christmas-inspired slots family tree. And, rather accordingly, the inspiration for this slot game is the most important decorative piece during the holidays – the Christmas tree. Launched on 15.12.2021, the Christmas Tree 2 is a fairly new slot by TrueLab Game studio, and as such it definitely attracts attention. For one, it is a successor to the rather popular Christmas Tree slot game. However, the name and theme are pretty much where those similarities end, considering the improvements in Christmas Tree 2.

To ensure that you get an unforgettable Christmas experience, TrueLab Games made sure to incorporate a list of interesting features. For example, this slot comes with rather unique Miracle Spins, mystery symbols, wilds, scatters, free spins, clusters… You will especially love the clusters, since gathering a cluster by collecting symbols triggers rewards. However, should you net 3 or more clusters in a row, the game will calculate each cluster of symbols towards the payout.

The same goes for the Snowman Bet, where the mascot of the game, the snowman, will throw snowballs at the reels for each spin. The cool thing is, each time the snowman hits a medium to low symbol with a snowball, it turns it into the valuable Golden Wilds. Then there are the Miracle Spins that depend on the scatter symbols to get you a win. And this is just the beginning, considering that we haven’t even mentioned the awesome Blizzard feature that transforms the symbols on the reels.

To sum it up without wasting any more of your precious time, Christmas Tree 2 is definitely a slot game that is worth visiting. Not only does it come with a bunch of improvements in regard to its older brother, but it also packs a bigger winning potential (15.000x your stake), and overall better gameplay. Not to mention the improvement of the graphics, though not perfect, it is still better than the original. So, do not hesitate to try out this Christmas Slot game. After all, the holiday season is still active and ongoing.

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