The Historic iGaming Club Conference Malaga by AffPapa – The Event of The Year

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iGaming Club Conference Malaga – The Perfect Event

The historic iGaming Club Conference Malaga by AffPapa is over and it was nothing short of perfect! The first-ever stand-alone event organized by the reputable AffPapa, the iGaming Club Conference Malaga is undeniably a candidate for the title event of the year, and there are several reasons why this is the case.

For one, not only did the amazing people from AffPapa successfully host the first stand-alone conference, but they also selected a venue that will go in history as the first city ever to find itself on the annual iGaming calendar, the magical city of Malaga.

Needless to say, choosing Malaga to serve as the platform to gather the elite of the iGaming industry was an absolute bulls-eye by the AffPapa team, as this city is the perfect blend of history, contemporary, and entertainment, thus adding a special flavour to the already exceptional event that is the iGaming Club.

However, the picturesque city of Malaga would be nothing without the impeccable organizational skills of AffPapa. Thanks to their impressive logistics and the ability to find the best venues and turn them into an unforgettable experience, both the conference and the AffPapa iGaming Awards turned out to be a massive success.

The Conference

By making a rather bold move which underlines getting the industry in a private and exclusive setting, AffPapa created the perfect iGaming event which was more productive than anything we have experienced before.

This is mostly thanks to the perfect location which saw the luxurious NH Hotel in the centre of Malaga turned into the biggest landmark in the industry for a day, as well as the fantastic job by the team in turning a mere hall into a dynamic happening filled with every important representative in iGaming.

The groundbreaking speed-dating sessions by AffPapa were once again the hit of the event, as they enabled attendees to find each other without any problem and allowed them to conduct business face-to-face in a spot specifically designated to make connections.

Engaging speaking panels and esteemed speakers ensured thought-provoking sessions where we saw discussions on pressing matters from the iGaming realm that also included the audience, a brilliant concept that allowed everyone who was present to exchange ideas and learn something new.


We would also like to use this opportunity to inform you that Gamblers Connect had its 2nd booth ever at the iGaming Club Conference in Malaga. Our second booth since we launched, AffPapa managed to replicate our website in reality by doing a beautiful job of transferring our identity and brand perfectly, and it was more productive than we could’ve ever expected.

The Awards

Yet, the crown jewel of this historic conference by AffPapa was undeniably the 3rd edition of the prestigious AffPapa iGaming Awards. And once again, the 3rd edition of the Awards would’ve been just as any other if it wasn’t for AffPapa and its ability to book the perfect venue every-single-time.

Taking place in the breathtaking Hacienda Nadales, a mesmerizing Neoclassical mansion built in the 19th century, located just outside the centre of Malaga, the 3rd edition of the AffPapa iGaming Awards was arguably one of the most exclusive award ceremonies that were ever organized by an iGaming host.

The castle-like venue, plus the perfect climate of Malaga and its surrounding tropical greenery made this edition of the AffPapa Awards a one for the ages, and an event that will surely raise the bar for all award ceremonies in the future.

Speaking of which, we are over the moon to inform our dear readers that Gamblers Connect has won its 3rd award at the AffPapa iGaming Awards, the prestigious recognition “Crypto Affiliate of The Year”!

A testament to our hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence, this award is a reflection of our winning mindset and collective team effort to nurture the ultimate iGaming hub on the internet, a goal that hasn’t changed ever since we launched our project.

We would like to send our most sincere gratitude to AffPapa for allowing us to be part of the historic iGaming Club Conference Malaga, and also for bestowing us with the prestigious honour of being the “Crypto Affiliate of The Year”

We would also like to thank our beloved community for the support and for playing a pivotal role in turning Gamblers Connect from a mere affiliate website to an award-winning brand that is recognized by the biggest brands in the industry. We couldn’t have done it without you.

To AffPapa – kudos for doing an excellent job, just as always. To our dear friends and colleagues – until we see you again.

Yours truly, 

Gamblers Connect.


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