The Groundbreaking AstroBoomers: To The Moon Slot Is Finally Here

FunFair latest unique slot AstroBoomers: To The Moon is setting the stage for a whole new kind of a multiplayer iGaming experience.

AstroBoomers: To The Moon is the latest product by the British iGaming giant FunFair. Launched on April 26th, AstroBoomers is the first-ever multiplayer real money slot game and it is definitely one of a kind. Meaning that it offers a unique ‘community-based experience’, in addition to the opportunity to win real money. And you will surely find a more exciting feature than going toe-to-toe against other players. Especially when it comes to money.

So this groundbreaking game has pretty much everyone on their toes. Up until May 11th, Betsson Group AB will remain the only one who offers the game. This is due to an exclusive deal with FunFair. However, after that, it is expected for the game to have its wide release and be available on several additional gambling platforms.

The latest product by FunFair Technologies is all about competitiveness through socializing. It pretty much is an awesome combination of making real money and having fun with live players. The theme of the game is set in the galaxy, in a cartoon-like and colourful setup. The story starts with the Earth being under attack from giant meteors. Your goal is to use perfect timing in order to leap from object to object and eventually reach the moon.

With that being the ultimate goal. However, while you attempt all of this, you may bump into a prize of up to 2.5000x your original stake. This, and along with the 250.000 caps on wins, make out for quite a fun race. Especially if we put the human factor into the mix then it is definitely a nail-biter.

Lloyd Purser, the COO of FunFair Technologies only confirms that they recognize fact that the world is moving forward, and as such online gaming should as well. And we couldn’t agree more. This innovative and groundbreaking game is definitely setting the bar higher for the competition. When asked about the new release, the COO gave the following statement:

The simple yet compelling gameplay offers the kind of active and community-based experience demanded by a new generation of players and putting a fresh spin on the content available within today’s largely solitary slots sector.

Lloyd Purser – COO of FunFair Technologies

Furthermore, when speaking about the new and unseen nature of this game he stated:

The move to multiplayer within real-money gaming has arrived quicker than many anticipated and there is a big demand for innovative and differentiated content that appeals to Gen Y audiences. It has arisen through a new generation who are constantly connected, enjoy simple, social concepts they can share and who we believe will take this form of gaming to a global scale.

Lloyd Purser – COO of FunFair Technologies

Mr Purser also salutes their partner Betsson Group, for being the exclusive gambling operator to offer this game. Speaking for the quality and transparency of Betsson Group as well. Paul Malt, the head of Games and Game Studios for Betsson Group is also thrilled with the unique opportunity to provide the awesome AstroBoomers. He believes that this new form of entertainment will definitely attract new players and that Betsson Group AB are proud to be part of the FunFair exclusive partners.

AstroBoomers: To The Moon is definitely the most exciting game release in the gambling world so far this year. And since it is something that is groundbreaking and new, we may have to review that statement at the end of the year. Regardless of that, FunFair most definitely created a unique experience. Just think. You have the ability to go against real players, for real money.

And the opportunity to play AstroBoomers: To The Moon from the comfort of your home. Consequently, with that experts expect a whole new wave of similar games hitting the online casinos in no time. Goodbye solitaire slots, hello future. Just check out the full AstroBoomers: To The Moon slot game review so that you get the full picture and all the details about the first multiplayer slot ever.

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