The Government of Norway Keeps Pushing For a New Unified Gambling Legislation

Norway’s Ministry of Culture is definitely making sure that the new gambling legislation comes to live as soon as possible.

It seems like Norway’s Ministry of Culture is increasing the pressure towards fully regulating the entire gambling market. More specifically, the Minister of Culture and Gender Equality, Abid Raja, is openly pro any new legislation that will eventually organize Norway’s ‘scrambled’ gambling laws into a single legal document. As a matter of fact, on the 18th of June, a bill on this matter was introduced to the Stortinget(Supreme Legislator of Norway). Additionally, the Ministry’s had another inquiry, which is concerning the Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto.

More specifically, they request for these providers to remain the sole operators with a permit to legally offer gaming services. It is worth mentioning that the whole process began back in June 2020. That is when Mr. Abid Raja presented the new proposal.

It takes only one look at Norway’s gambling laws and it is evident why Mr. Raja is pushing for a change. For example, the current laws concerning all legal gambling activities in the country are under regulation by some really out-of-date acts. And when we say outdated, we mean that some are almost 100 years old. For that matter, the three gambling acts in Norway are the 1927 Totalisator Act, the 1992 Gambling Act and the 1995 Lottery Act.

The main goal behind the new proposal is to join all of these gambling acts into one single framework. Moreover, it is no secret that the proposal also plays a vital role in cementing the monopoly system. Meaning that should Mr. Raja’s proposal goes through, Norsk Tipping and Norsk Riksoto will control all gambling activity in the country. Or more specifically, they will own exclusive rights to all gambling products in the country.

Additionally, changes are also expected in advertising, ban of credit games and social responsibility. Especially gambling advertising to children. This, together with promoting gambling to a self-excluded individual, is a criminal offence in the country.

There are several reasons for this serious pressure for the fast implementation of Norway’s new gambling legislation. Some of But, the main one has to be the fact that many Norwegian players are simply rejecting the current monopoly system. And if you take a look, there are certain European countries that offer a plethora of top-notch online casino options. In a less restrictive gambling model as well.

Consequently, that is the main reason why many Norwegian online gamblers are going for foreign gaming solutions. And as long as the government is turning a blind eye to the situation, many experts predict this trend to only grow in the future.

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