The Forbidden Tomb – New Slot Game by Nucleus Gaming Exclusively at Super Slots

The Forbidden Tomb is the latest game by Nucleus Gaming and you can now play it exclusively at Super Slots

Super Slots Casino releases The Forbidden Tomb and it is a game that will definitely blow your mind. This Egyptian-themed slot game is one you definitely won’t be able to forget. Especially if you are a history buff. Or have a certain fondness for the mysteries of Egypt and the beautiful, rich Egyptian culture. And this is perfectly implemented in The Forbidden Tomb. As a result, the guys from Nucleus Gaming made sure that we have a game which is almost perfect, graphics-wise. Hence, you will find that this game has unique symbols, top-notch animation, corresponding music, and quite a few interesting features.

One such feature is the Mystic Compasses. More specifically, the Mystic Compasses will turn the compass into a pyramid, while the reels below spin. More specifically, with every spin, the Mystic Compass device will start counting down from 10 to 0. As this takes place, the pyramid levitates, and it will turn the Mystic Compass symbols into unique Pyramid Relics. Consequently, after 10 spins, the Pyramid Relics will convert into Wilds symbols. Naturally, wilds usually mean a bigger win.

Super Slots makes sure that you have the most essential reward: Bonuses. That’s right, just make a deposit if you wish to play The Forbidden Tomb, and you have a chance to win one of the hefty deposit bonuses at Super Slots. The only requirement is to contact the team after the deposit, and the bonus is instantly yours.

Consequently, while you are there, we suggest you check out the full plethora of entertainment that Super Slots has at your disposal. You might just find something that will instantly match your requirements, given how extensive their offer is. So, if you are one of those players who love history and the mysteries of Egypt then you definitely won’t go wrong with The Forbidden Tomb.

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