Gamblers Connect Presents The Culmination of The iGaming Industry: Diamond Heist Hold & Win

Diamond Heist Hold & Win is an online slot that is a product of pretty much every known bonus feature that you would expect a modern online slot to have.

We definitely won’t go wrong if we call the Diamond Heist Hold & Win online slot the game with the most bonus features in the world. That is since this online slot is truly one of the most fun-packed we ever had the pleasure to review. In order to guarantee that is the case, iSoftBet decided to create a completely unique online casino experience.

And in order to achieve that, they didn’t go by the standard formula of making one big jackpot the focal point of the game. Quite the contrary. iSoftBet went in a completely different direction.

This means that the iGaming giant took the biggest reward, the jackpot, and made it a side thing. And in order to ensure that such risk is rewarding at the end, they packed Diamond Heist with literally a plethora of bonus options. And when we say plethora, we really mean plethora.

As a result, you can expect: free spins, additional free spins, hold and spin, Lock it Link, progressive multiplier, random multiplier, wilds, additional wilds, scatters… You pretty much get the picture. It truly is an online slot game that makes the most lucrative reward, obsolete.

Not that you won’t encounter jackpots. Quite the contrary. The Diamond Heist Hold & Win slot comes with 3 different jackpots. And each comes with a different value. While true, the biggest is just at 500x your stake, this game is much more than just a jackpot. It is truly one of a kind experience.

And consequently, a product of the state of the art iGaming technology at this moment. In fact, this game is so new, that the wide release is expected in 17 days from now. So, do not hesitate to use this privilege to learn everything about this game beforehand. It is the best way to fully prepare, and win this excellent online slot.

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