The Brand New ‘Complaints’ Department by Gamblers Connect

If you feel mistreated or cheated by any of the online casinos that we promote, just visit the Gamblers Connect Complaints Department and let us do the dirty work for you.

The Brand New 'Complaints' Department by Gamblers Connect

The New Complaints Feature

The secret behind maintaining a transparent online gaming community lies in making sure that literally, every piece of information is with the purpose of assisting the player. Whether it is a casino review or a new bonus, prioritizing the players who are the cogs that move the iGaming industry is simply put, our sole priority. With that in mind, the Gamblers Connect team is on the constant look for ways to improve the experience of our players, regardless of what that entails. Your safety and happiness are what motivate us, and that can only mean relentlessly exploring ways to assist you. Well, this approach definitely paid off, and as a result, we can now proudly reveal to you the brand new Gamblers Connect Complaints Department.

We cannot stress the importance of having someone to watch your back in this fast-paced iGaming world. Considering that this is an industry that is constantly evolving and improving, there are a lot of online casinos that are not what they might seem to be. Especially when it is so easy to mistake a true online casino for a black market operator, which definitely shouldn’t come as a surprise in this day and age.


However, the real problem occurs when a properly licensed and regulated online casino fails to meet its end of the bargain. While it is truly rare for a well-known and officially approved online casino to trick you for your money, there are many instances where you would be surprised to hear that a top-tier online operator didn’t manage to live up to the expectations, mildly put. This can include failing to pay out the winnings, not crediting a bonus, misuse of personal data, no response or rude response from customer service, illegal gambling services, etc.

Always On Your Side

In order to guarantee that our partners maintain the same transparent and fair approach that we ourselves live by, we give you the Complaints department. And because both we and our partners depend on your income, the entire filing a complaint procedure will be 100% free of charge. For us, it is enough to know that you are satisfied and content, and for that matter, it is our pleasure to stand in your corner and vigorously defend your interests. Very similar to the rigorous approach of the UK Gambling Commission Complaints procedure.


For that matter, the Gamblers Connect problem resolution protocol consists of five crucial steps that were carefully planned to generate the best possible outcome. The only requirement for you is to just visit the Gamblers Connect Complaints department, click the button ‘Start your Complaint’ and select one of the five designated categories that best describe your issue. Afterwards, just sit back, relax and wait for a member of our Gamblers Connect team to contact you with the latest updates regarding your case.

Moreover, you can rest assured that we won’t stop until you get the justice that you deserve, even if that means contacting an official gambling authority. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to hard-working players, and Gamblers Connect understands this better than no one. We are always looking for different ways to help our players, and with that motto in mind, we can confidently say that the Gamblers Connect Complaints section is just the beginning. Do not hesitate to ask for help, it can and will make a difference. Good luck!

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