The Book of Truth Is One Of The Most Rewarding Editions From The “Book of” Genre Ever

TrueLab created the Book of Truth as one of the most rewarding from the “Book of” series ever, in addition to improving the graphics and adding several exciting bonus features.


Ever since the dawn of the online casino industry, there has been one particular genre that is a subject of constant copying and re-inventions, and that is the “Book of” series. With more than 225 different variations at the moment of writing, it is safe to say that this genre is one of the all-time favourites for a plethora of online casino players, and this is no coincidence whatsoever. Well, with this in mind, TrueLab decided to create its very own version of this lucrative title, which is one of the more exciting of these series to date. We give you the rewarding online slot, Book of Truth.

While on the surface it may seem like this edition of the “Book of” has nothing new to offer, in practice, the Book of Truth is actually more rewarding than 80% of its other variations. For starters, there is the overall win potential of the slot, which is clocked at a nice 15.000 x your stake. Compare this number to the 5.000 x your stake that most “Book of” slots have, and the difference is more than substantial.

Moreover, not only do you get bigger wins, but the new edition also packs some rather exciting features as well. This includes the true free spins feature, where for each spin you may get up to 539 x your stake, depending on the amount of your bet.

However, nothing comes close to hitting 5 scatters on the reels, being that this is one of the most important wins at this slot game. Should you manage to do so, all of the regular symbols will turn into special symbols, but not before you get the upfront 200 times your stake scatter win, which is only in addition to the 10 true free spins that are also yours.

The improved mechanics, and the overall increase of the rewarding prowess compared to a majority of the “Book of” series, as well as the highly improved audiovisuals, make the Book of Truth slot one of the best of this genre so far. In other words, you get the standard mechanics of the “Book of”, only in a much more rewarding environment, and with better graphics. The best way to learn about this game is to see it for yourself, and the best way to do that is by reading the full review.

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