What Makes A Good Casino Welcome Bonus – The Complete Guide

In order to fully learn about what makes a good Welcome Bonus, you first need to know all about welcome bonuses. The Gamblers Connect guide is here to help you find the best welcome bonus option for you.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus

It is no secret that online casinos depend on the ‘mercy’ of the players. Regular players are the wheels that move online casinos. For that matter, online operators will do practically anything to attract new customers, especially when it comes to a good welcome casino bonus, hence the reason why we decided to write this guide. Thanks to the improvement in technology, we constantly hear about unique ways that online casinos are fighting to gain new customers. From employing cutting-edge tech features to giving away lucrative rewards.

Anything is on the table when it comes to expanding the player’s database. Yet, there is one thing which is of pivotal importance for any online casino. And that is the Welcome Bonus. Regardless of the online casino, the Welcome Bonus is usually the biggest one in the promotion library for most operators, and as such having a guide like this one is quite important.

Casino bonus

As a result, you can be sure that online casinos tend to get creative when it comes to the Welcome Bonus. It takes only small-scale research to realize that is the case. Online Casinos are literally doing everything they can to produce a unique Welcome Bonus for new players. Being that the players tend to get bored quickly, getting their attention can impose quite a conundrum.

Hence, it doesn’t take much for an operator to cross the line and offer a bogus Welcome Casino Bonus. This may range from tricky wagering requirements, up to hidden Terms & Conditions rules which many operators opt not to display. This may eventually result in not claiming the bonus properly and thus losing your money.

For that matter, Gamblers Connect presents you with a complete guide to know what to look for when searching for the right casino welcome bonus.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus represents the first interaction between the online casino and the player. As such, it usually comes as the biggest ‘weapon’ of the online casino in the quest of getting new players. This results in online casinos literally fighting among each other to find new and improved ways to reward newcomers. For that purpose, today we have a list of casino welcome bonuses. These can vary in different things, such as deposit and wagering requirements. However, the rewarding potential for all welcome bonuses is most of the time the same.

That being said, it is fair to mention that not all welcome bonuses come with the same welcoming spirit. Hence, to distinguish what makes a good casino welcome bonus, first, you need to know all the types of welcome bonuses. Consequently, this is making for the real reason why we created this welcome casino bonus guide.

  • Deposit(Match) Bonus

Just as the name suggests, to claim this welcome bonus you first need to make a deposit. After doing that, you usually contact the customer service team and they credit you the bonus. You should mind that deposit bonuses usually come as reload bonuses as well. Being that the online casino will give you a reload percentage to get your deposit back, depending on how big the reload is. Consequently, the more you deposit, the more you get back. Again, it all depends on how big is the reload percentage.

Deposit(Match) Bonus
Welcome Bonus – BetWarrior
  • No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is just what it sounds like – no deposit is required whatsoever to get them. They are usually for a smaller amount, however, they require no spending whatsoever. They can also come in the form of free spins or free bets and are quite low-risk.

  • Fixed Cash Bonus

This type of welcome bonus is quite smaller than the deposit bonus. That is since in this instance the online casino will usually set a fixed deposit amount. This means that regardless of how much you deposit, you will always get the same bonus amount. This type of bonus is perfect for players who do not wish to spend large sums on welcome bonuses.

Free spins are arguably the biggest joy of any slot enthusiast. As such, it is no wonder that many online casinos are frequently using them as welcome bonuses. Specifically, they usually are a part of a deposit bonus welcome package. Considering their convenient nature, they can also be used as a no-deposit welcome bonus, i.e. just for creating an account.

1st Deposit Bonus
Katsubet – Welcome Bonus
  • No Wagering Requirement Bonuses

These are probably the rarest, but definitely the most lucrative. As the name states, these welcome bonuses come with no wagering requirements whatsoever. This makes them the number-one choice for many players. The reason for that is the fact that you do not need to bother to play the amount to claim your winnings. This, however, makes them as rare as they come

  • Crypto Bonuses

The ‘youngest’ of the bunch, Crypto bonuses are a product of the merging of online casinos with blockchain technology. As a result, we have an entirely new department of casino welcome bonuses. To claim a welcome crypto bonus, you will have to deposit a specific cryptocurrency. Casinos tend to stimulate customers to use crypto, by giving out bonuses for any such deposit. These bonuses are becoming very frequent, considering the number of online casinos that are starting to offer crypto. Up to such an extent that we already have full-blown crypto casinos.

Welcome Bonus
CryptoThrills – Welcome Bonus

Know The Difference Between Good And Bad Casino Welcome Bonuses

Right from the start, a good casino welcome bonus is always going to come with low wagering requirements. That is one of the first things that you should look out for when pondering whether to deposit. In addition, a good casino welcome bonus must be quite rewarding as well. This means that paying a substantial deposit amount, just to get 50% back as a reload is definitely a no-no. Especially if you consider that many online casinos impose serious wagering requirements on top of the small bonuses they credit. Thus turning a potentially relaxing gaming experience into a real ordeal.

That is why it is always imperative to read carefully everything that you can find on the bonus banner. It is also imperative to frequently visit the Terms & Conditions as well. Given that many operators ‘hide’ certain rules that are crucial for understanding the welcome bonus. Hence, you should always look for welcome bonuses that have a high reload percentage, reasonable wagering requirements, and clear terms & conditions.

In other words, you only need to see if the bonus is worth your money, and that is it. What type of bonus you will choose, depends solely on you. Just check out all of the important information that you can find by conducting a simple consultation with the Terms & Conditions of your welcome bonus:

  • Deposit Amount
  • Maximum Cashout Amount
  • Wagering Amount
  • Wagering Games
  • Withdraw Limit
  • Time To Wager The Amount

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your gaming style, we are the same when it comes to a good welcome bonus. And that is definitely a good worth for your money. That means that the welcome bonus should be quite rewarding. Whether it is a deposit match bonus with a nice reload or a thousand free spins. The imperative is to treat the player, and nothing more. The same goes for the rest of the welcome bonuses.

No deposit bonuses should always tend to display all of the rules and wagering requirements. Even more so if you consider that online casinos tend to always profit. That is why taking extra time to find the right online casino should be your ultimate strategy.

Casino First Deposit Bonus
Buffet – Welcome Bonus

In fact, who is stopping you from creating accounts simply to claim welcome bonuses? You will be greatly surprised to learn that the majority of online casino players do exactly that. You can easily sign up with as many online casinos as you wish and claim each welcome bonus. Then you can determine which online casino is the best. You immediately find that not all online casinos care to reward their new customers.

Whatever the case, you should always tend to inform as much as possible whenever you are about to deposit. Only by conducting meticulous research, you can truly learn to distinguish a good welcome bonus from the bad one. Always read the Terms and Conditions and everything that is written on the promotional banner. Online casinos cannot trick you unless you give them your consent. As such, it is up to you to watch your back, and do your homework. Our welcome casino bonus guide serves to enable you with the safety that you deserve.

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