The AstroPay Rewards Program – The Best Rewards And Experiences Ever Created

astropay rewards program

AstroPay, one of the leading providers of online payment solutions has yet another ingenious surprise for its users. Get ready for the brilliant AstroPay Rewards Program, a one-of-a-kind loyalty opportunity where you can win some truly insane prizes and experiences.

The best thing about the AstroPay Rewards Program is that it gives total freedom to you, the user, to choose what type of reward you wish to claim. More specifically, AstroPay allows you to choose your favourite sport, and depending on your choice, you can win various amazing prizes.

All you have to do is pick your passion, and you already stand a chance to win big. So, what are the sports, you probably ask? Well, let’s have a look:


  • Experiences: Wolves experience, stadium experiences worldwide, box tickets to your favourite matches, meet & greet with your team players, play with your friends in your favourite stadium
  • Merchandising: Brasil t-shirt, kit of your favourite soccer team, Wolves shirt signed by players, Wolves shirts (all models), Wolves Ball


  • Experiences: e-sports experience
  • Merchandising: VR headset, gaming chair, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Computer, Headphones, FIFA 2023 PS5, FIFA 2023 XBOX


  • Experiences: NBA experience, tickets to the NBA league, meet & greet with an NBA team 
  • Merchandising: Kit of an NBA basketball team of your choice, basketball ball signed by NBA players, NBA t-shirt

Car Racing

  • Experiences: F1 experience, box tickets to F1 pits, meet & greet with F1 racers
  • Merchandising: kit of your favourite F1 team, F1 outfit signed by a racer of your choice


  • Experiences: Grand Slam experience, exclusive tickets to Grand Slam matches, meet & greet with tennis players
  • Merchandising: tennis outfit, tennis sneakers, tennis balls signed by players, tennis racket


  • Merchandising: iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung S22, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, iPad Air 5th Gen, Amazon Alexa 

The only requirement in order to be eligible to win one of these fantastic awards is to become a member of the AstroPay club which consists of 4 tiers. The goal is simple. Get as many AstroPoints as possible in order to climb the ranks, and reap more awesome benefits each time that you progress through the tiers.

  • Standard 1X: 0 to 3000 AstroPoints
  • Silver 2X: 3000 > 20,000 AstroPoints
  • Platinum: 20,000 > 300,000 AstroPoints
  • Black 3X: More than 300,000 AstroPoints

In other words, you definitely cannot afford to miss out on this amazing opportunity to claim the insane rewards and prizes from the AstroPay Rewards Loyalty Program. Especially given how bespoke this promotion is, and more importantly, how much you stand to win by doing practically nothing.

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