The Government In Sweden Proposes New Gambling Deposit Limits

The Social Security Minister of Sweden proposes a series of new gambling regulations that immediately divided the gambling community.

The Government In Sweden Proposes New Gambling Deposit Limits

The Government of Sweden proposes a list of new gambling regulations, that are a direct consequence of the recent increase in COVID-19 infections in the country. According to Spelinspektionen, the main gambling authority in Sweden, there will be a consultation concerning the new gambling regulations. Moreover, this discussion will last for about two weeks, and it should be over on January 17th.

And should the government authority approve the legislation, then the regulations should be in effect from the 7th of February, up to the 30th of June.

Take a look below at the proposal by the government of Sweden, concerning the new gambling deposit limits, i.e. regulations.

  1. Decreasing the weekly deposit limit for slot machines and remote casinos from 5.000SEK to 4.000SEK
  2. Introducing mandatory playing time limit on slot machines, and at online casinos.
  3. The maximum bonus at slot machines and virtual casinos is 100SEK.

The Social Security Minister of Sweden, Ardalan Shekarabi, is the government official that is credited for proposing the new gambling regulations.

However, Sweden’s Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS), believes that this greatly puts the player’s protection at risk. And that is because according to the BOS, this move will only force the players to open different accounts at various online casinos.

In addition, considering the drastic increase of online casinos in Sweden, the head of the BOS, Gustaf Hoffstedt, claims that it will be practically impossible to map out a clear picture of the total number of casino players. And the biggest concern with that scenario is the fact that it will be a daunting task to precisely monitor all gambling issues/problems.

Whatever the case, there are still about eleven days until the final verdict of Sweden’s main gambling authority. Until that time, all we can do is sit and wait to see whether the new law will pass.

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