State of Nevada Will Have a Discussion to Legalize Online Casino Gaming

NGCB will hold a meeting to discuss the potential expanding of the Nevada online casino gaming scene.

Nevada may become the latest state in the US to approve and thus officially legalize online casinos. More specifically, the Nevada Gaming Control Board will meet on the 13th of May. This is to discuss the amendments which are set to allow gambling providers to expand their online casino offers. So far, the only game you can play is online poker and nothing more. Hence the urgency for these new amendments to pass, and be approved by the NGCB.

The meeting will be both virtual and in-person, with all the safety COVID protocols in the first place. This new legislation is supposed to expand the online casino offer in Nevada. And if we take into account that Nevada is the most gambling state probably in the world, that should definitely happen.

The new gambling regulations will make Nevada one of the selected few states in the US that have an all-around gambling scene. The new Regulation 5A exists so that it can expand the online gaming offer, thus officially dealing with any kind of interactive gaming. More specifically, the new act will include online casino gaming and all the games that come with it. Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Keno… You get the picture. Furthermore, the NGCB suggests several new changes to the already strict rules. Changes such as:

  • Remove limiting provisions to poker
  • Clear definition of peer-to-peer and non-peer-to-peer games
  • Self-excluded individuals list for the entire state
  • Clear distinction as to what info will a gambling provider display; player registration, collecting personal info, record-keeping etc.

This will definitely make for a clear and regulated online casino scene. Even more so if we take into account the financial potential that online casino gaming has at the moment. For example, the state of New Jersey made around $1 billion in revenue from online casino gaming in 2020. To put things in perspective, that is half of the budget of a small country. Which is simply crazy.

And another fact is that Nevada has had a record low revenue in the last 24 years. Hence you can see why the NGCB is pushing for this legislation. Being that Nevada doesn’t even have its own lottery, along with 4 other states, this is somewhat crucial. So we keep our fingers crossed. And can only hope that Nevada will become the latest in the list of countries with a quality online casino scene, and will fully legalize online casinos.

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