Startup Valley Is An Online Slot That Is Simply Built Differently

Today, we bring you one of the most innovative, and definitely one of the hottest slots of 2020, the masterpiece by TrueLab: Startup Valley.

TrueLab Games gained a reputation as an iGaming development studio that certainly knows how to push the limits of the industry. That is both evident in the graphics and gameplay department, as well as the concept of their games as well. And this is perfectly applicable to our contender for today, the online slot Startup Valley. Released in 2020, ever since then this game has managed to find its way to a long list of online casino operators. And the biggest reason for that is the entirely new type of experience that comes with this game.

Not only you will find that this is not your everyday average online slot, but the entire concept of Startup Valley is to be as different as possible from its peers. And to ensure that is the case, TrueLab created a rather unique online slot game that comes with 5 different characters/friends. Moreover, each of the characters is based on a different sea animal, and each one has special abilities. The point of the game is to trigger the abilities of each character, and you do that by gathering experience.

Needless to say, different symbols and actions on the reel will trigger different abilities from the characters. However, the absolute best part about this game is when you hit 3 scatters. That is because in that instance, all of the 5 characters will trigger all of their abilities at the same time. And that is regardless of how much experience each character has up to that point. Truly rewarding, and absolutely creative and innovative.

And this is only the main feature of the game. Not to mention the literally dozens of additional bonus features such as Random Wilds, Mystery Wilds, Additional Wilds, Multiplier, Buy Feature among some of the most notable. Additionally, it comes with a slightly above average RTP of 96.38%, and with a rather generous maximum payout of x1000 your win. With all of this in mind, the best way to make a decision is to read the full review of Startup Valley for yourself. We definitely recommend you check this one out.

Read the full review of Startup Valley

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