Starting July 1st Lithuania Will Ban All Gambling Advertising

The government of Lithuania has decided to put a total ban on any gambling advertisements whatsoever.

The Government of Lithuania decided to enforce an outright ban on all gambling advertising in the state. This comes just after last year’s agreement between Lithuania operators to stop any form of gambling advertising. Moreover, this was inspired by the country’s first Covid lock-down back in April. More specifically, after a joint request by the Lithuania Gambling Business Association and the National Gambling and Games Business Association. At the same time in November 2020, Lithuania’s Gambling Supervisory Authority conducted a survey in order to get public opinion on this matter.

Consequently, out of 1001 adult survey subjects, a whopping 52% wish for gambling advertising to be banned fully. From here, 76% say that it should exist but greatly reduced, while 22% only wish for an advertising ban in the lottery. Also, 47% of the test subjects said that they haven’t seen any gambling advertisements at all.

It seems that the support of the people is pretty much what pushed this whole thing forward. The Lithuanian parliament, the ‘Seimas’, made it very clear with the latest vote approval. Moreover, the latest legislation will forbid any gambling advertising, via all means. This can and will include TV, radio, promotions, events, games, discounts, bonuses, gifts, prizes, etc. Furthermore, this ads ban will apply to both online and land-based gambling providers. Meaning that no one is exempt.

The gambling ban is with effect from 1st of July. Despite that, it is still illegal in Lithuania to encourage any sort of gambling or offer gifts or bonuses to attract players. Also, the state prohibits organizing any gambling activities outside venues and websites without a proper license. Consequently, gambling providers have an obligation to warn about the harm of gambling in all their ads. This is also part of the July 1st advertising ban.

Lithuania making this step should come as no surprise. Especially since more and more countries in Europe are beginning to ponder similar solutions to gambling advertisements. It is the latest weapon that governments use to fight the harmful effects of any ad they deem aggressive gambling marketing. Such is the case with the latest Lithuania gambling advertising ban. At the end of the day, it is all about the safety and well-being of the player, and as such Gamblers Connect is always on the people’s side.

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