Spicyjackpots Casino – Withdrawal Issue 3


I withdrew £700 on 18th July 2023 and I am still waiting. It’s just showing as pending. I’ve been back and forth with chat and they just tell me to wait and then close the chat. They don’t allow me to ask anything else. And keep telling me it’s not a scam…how can I get my withdrawal?


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  • Susan Sharp says:

    Just wondering if you are getting anywhere with this casino ?

  • Hello Susan,

    Unfortunately, we have not received any response from them. We will try to reach out to them again and hope that we can resolve these complaints as soon as possible.

    Due to their lack of cooperation and the complaints that we have received, their score on our website has already been negatively affected. If this kind of situation persists, we will have no choice but to add this casino to a blacklist.

    Complaints Team, Gamblers Connect

    • Lucy says:

      My 700 I have been waiting for for 4 months now was conviently rejected and placed back into my casino account and was asked to re do the withdrawal, now I am back to square one as they said I’m on day 2 and have to be patient.. so bascially their way of getting me off their case by doing that so now I’m a whole new withdrawl going through there apparent system that takes so long.

  • Hi Lucy,

    We have reached out to them once more for further communication and resolution. Every casino is given a period of 4 weeks to respond to and resolve the issues raised by our visitors.

    Therefore, if we do not receive any response by next week, SpicyJackpots Casino will be added to the blacklist.

    Complaints Team, Gamblers Connect

  • Unfortunately, the casino representative has also stopped responding to us. We regret to say that we have to consider this complaint as unresolved. However, we will make further attempts to contact them in the near future.

    Please note that their brand will officially be added to the blacklist on our website.

    Complaints Team, Gamblers Connect

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