SOFTSWISS Releases Free Online Casino Budget Calculator

Online Casino Calculator by SOFTSWISS

If you ever wondered how much it would cost you to open an online casino, now you have the chance to find out. SOFTSWISS, one of the most innovative and leading providers of software solutions in the iGaming industry, has released its very own free-of-charge Online Casino Budget Calculator

The Online Casino Budget Calculator is the perfect tool for anyone that wants to open an online casino. More specifically, the free template was designed by SOFTSWISS to help individuals project a realistic plan regarding the finances behind opening an online casino. The template includes the revenues,  pricing, and overall costs that come with running an online casino.

Consequently, this makes the Online Casino Budget Calculator the best tool on the market for entrepreneurs who want to pursue a career in iGaming and as such,  learn how to manage the operational expenses of running an online casino, and consequently reduce the risks and enhance potential returns. All in all, the Online Casino Budget Calculator is a dedicated virtual simulator that provides priceless insight into the dealings with an online casino brand from every aspect. 

The Online Casino Calculator is currently available on the website of SOFTSWISS, and it is available on all devices. In order to access the Budget Calculator, you will first have to fill out the contact form. After you do so, you will receive an email that contains a detailed guide and a direct link to the template of the online casino budget balance, Once there, you will notice that the template sheet features various template offer instructions on how to use the Online Casino Budget Calculator.

Moreover, the sheet also breaks down how to use key metrics and terms within the sheet itself. You will find that the Online Casino Budget Calculator also calculates expenses from both the pre-launch and the post-launch phases of an online casino brand. The cheat sheet can also be downloaded and even allows users to plan potential expenses up to 12 months in the future, consequently allowing them to figure out realistic profit and loss amounts.

Max Trafimovich, the CCO at SOFTSWISS, reveals that the reason for creating the Online Casino Budget Calculator was for the sole purpose of “helping potential partners be sure in building successful online casinos from the ground up”. Moreover, Trafimovich states that due to the range of partnerships with a plethora of iGaming businesses, SOFTSWISS has obtained extensive knowledge regarding the iGaimng industry, which has enabled them to exponentially innovate and improve both their products and services.

Online Casino Budget Calculator

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