SoftSwiss Gets The Greek Gaming License

The approval by the Hellenic Gaming Commission will see SoftSwiss operate legally in one of the biggest and most lucrative iGaming markets in Europe, Greece.

SoftSwiss finally gets approval from the Hellenic Gaming Commission and receives the Greek gaming license. Moreover, this will consequently see SoftSwiss and their online casino brand operating legally in one of the more lucrative iGaming markets in southeast Europe. More specifically, SoftSwiss intends to do so via their brand new casino project, N1 Casino Greece. Naturally, N1 Casino Greece will operate as part of the N1 Partners Group, which is the parent company for all online casinos by SoftSwiss. Additionally, SoftSwiss intends to amalgamate sports betting into the new project as well, making for one complete gaming product.

Furthermore, this license approval will allow all Greek players to enjoy the SoftSwiss products freely, without any restrictions whatsoever. The only requirement is for the players to reside in Greece, to have a Greek passport or any valid form of ID, and a bank account registered in Greece. That is it.

SoftSwiss officials recognize the importance of the newly acquired license for the profitable Greek gaming scene. Hence it is no surprise at all that the SoftSwiss founder Ivan Montik is quite happy with this successful venture. Especially if you consider the potential of the Greek iGaming market. When speaking to the press, he said the following:

It’s a tremendous landmark and an amazing achievement for us to receive the Greek gaming license to be able to do business in a regulated national market and expand our reach. It is opening new horizons for us and we’re ready to go for it. SoftSwiss is not only planning on doing business in Greece. But also making a positive impact through charity and corporate social sustainability efforts in the country.

Ivan Montik – Founder of SoftSwiss

This is not the first similar venture of one of the leading iGaming providers in the world. As a matter of fact, this approval is just the latest in the series of newly acquired licenses for several other national iGaming markets. For example, back in February Nigeria also gave green light to SoftSwiss. More specifically, enabling the provider and their top-notch products to operate legally in the African country. And it takes only one look at the magnitude of the population in Nigeria to realize that this is definitely a smart move. Given the potential of this African country.

All in all, getting the Greek gaming license is definitely an excellent move. Especially since the goal of SoftSwiss is to reinforce its presence in the rich European gaming scene. And what better way to do that than by obtaining one of the more sought-after gaming licenses in Europe?

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