Safer Gambling Forum 2022 – The Online Event You Definitely Cannot Afford To Miss


It is our due diligence as members of the industry to invite you to be a part of one of the biggest and most important online iGaming events of the year, the Safer Gambling Forum 2022 which will take place in the capital of England, the beautiful city of London.

Dubbed one of the most productive annual online iGaming events that no one involved in our industry should miss, the Safer Gambling Forum 2022 is the most convenient way to be a part of a speaking panel that will feature some of the biggest safety experts and professionals you can ask for. Not only that, but to the ease with which anyone from the iGaming industry can register and participate, this online forum is the perfect opportunity to have all of your questions regarding safety answered by fellow colleagues, and professionals alike.

This year’s online conference will be divided into two online sessions that are going to take place on the 18th of October. More specifically, the first session will feature top gaming operators that will share their thoughts on some of the safest gambling initiatives regarding their businesses. This includes exclusive insight into the operators’ strategies and programs that they use to improve security, as well as sharing any knowledge on potential improvements and findings in this field.

Furthermore, the second session will feature representatives from the leading charities for safer gambling. Not only you will get an exclusive chance to hear their findings and key initiatives from 2022, but you will also have the opportunity to learn about their upcoming plans and projects for the upcoming 2023.

Consequently, being that one of the two main organizers of the Safer Gambling Forum is the behemoth in the iGaming world, EGR Global, you should expect nothing short of an absolutely productive day which will definitely help you get the necessary knowledge in order to further cement the safety of your brand, as well as learn which are the latest safety features and practices in our beloved industry.

Safer Gambling Forum 2022

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