Romania starts “Get Vaccinated and Win” Lottery Campaign

Romanian lottery will offer vaccinated individuals free draw entrance, along with several other prizes.

Interesting news is coming from Romania. More specifically, the Romania lottery will start the ‘Get Vaccinated and Win’ campaign, which is solely for vaccinated individuals. This is definitely part of the current Covid-19 immunization that takes place worldwide. And while a vast part of the world population already did take the vaccine, it is clear that not everyone is willing to partake in that process. So governments all around the world are facing everyday struggles to try and find solutions to ‘stimulate’ the people to sign up. Whether is direct via the government, or certain sectors, the reason is the same.

One example is the US, where we hear about similar campaigns with the same ultimate goal. To increase awareness. So naturally, a proven concept is something that many countries will try and implement themselves. And that is probably the situation with Romania as well. Moreover, vaccinated citizens in Romania will have the opportunity to participate in this campaign via a free draw.

The campaign will begin on the 14th of June 2021 and will end on the 27th of June 2021. During the duration, vaccinated players who will purchase a lottery ticket for the select games will be eligible for the draw. Lotto 6/49, Lotto 5/40 and Joker are the games that will get you the entrance ticket. Furthermore, players who participate are to enter their credentials on a special coupon. This coupon then will go into a special box, and the location of that box will be Romanian Lottery‘s offices.

Romanian lottery representatives are quite optimistic that this campaign will be a successful one. The general manager of the Romanian Lottery, Sebastian-Iacob Moba gave the following statement:

Vaccination is the only solution to hasten the end of this pandemic that has changed the lives of many Romanians and the chance to return to a normal life. I am confident, like many of our peers, that only if we are healthy can we enjoy life and we respond to the challenges that lie ahead.

Sebastian-Iacob Moba – Romanian Lottery General Manager

And the Romania lottery offers another alternative for the ‘get vaccinated’ campaign, for the rest of the citizens. That includes the opportunity to win five $2.500 prizes and one main prize which is $12.300. Consequently, we will know the winners of these prizes starting from the 4th of July.

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