Prepare For The Amazing Annual Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo 2022 In Greece


It is with great excitement that we invite you to participate in the second edition of one of the fastest-rising iGaming events in our beloved industry, the Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo (GAME) 2022 in Greece. Hosted by Eventus International, and held in the beautiful city of Athens, the 2nd Annual GAME will once again gather some of the biggest names and brands that the iGaming industry has to offer. 

More specifically, this year’s annual summit will bring together basically every major department involved in the iGaming industry, including regulators, affiliates, providers, government officials, and investors. One of the main goals of the 2nd annual Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo 2022 will be to explore the amazing opportunities that the fast-rising iGaming market in Greece, as well as in the surrounding nations has to offer, and this includes both online and land-based gambling.

And not only that, but everyone that decides to participate will have the unique opportunity to meet, and more importantly, forge new partnerships in the lucrative Greek market, as well as the chance to get new insights in order to evaluate new investment opportunities not only in Greece but also in the surrounding nations.

Consequently, should you decide to be part of the 2nd Annual GAME that will be held in the marvellous Greek capital Athens, you should definitely be prepared for a productive and fun-packed two days. This means that you should expect professional presentations on the best market entry strategies provided by some of the leading industry experts. Furthermore, there are also going to be panel discussions on successful affiliate marketing strategies, in addition to a special peek into the latest iGaming regulatory framework for all surrounding nations in the region.

So, if you are in a position to attend this rising iGaming event, you definitely should make an effort and participate. Not only you will get a unique opportunity to make new partners in the lucrative Greek iGaming market, as well as listen to some of the leading experts in the iGaming industry share their insight on the best market entry strategies, but you will also get the chance to experience the beautiful cultural and historic capital of Greece that is Athens.

2nd Annual GAME Greece

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