Prague Gaming & TECH Summit: A Haven For Affiliates and Industry Leaders


The highly-awaited Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 by HIPTHER will be much more than just an extraordinary event that will attract industry leaders and innovators of the industry, being that this year, HIPTHER shines the spotlight and puts special emphasis on iGaming affiliates, which in turn makes the Summit an exciting hotspot for one of the industry’s most revered branches.

In fact, the upcoming Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 aims to dedicate 25% of its focus specifically to affiliate marketing and affiliates, a strategic move that adds an entirely new layer to its already far-reaching agenda. This means that iGaming affiliates can look forward to an event that is all about accommodating their needs and a unique way of doing business.

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 promises to be a dynamic event where attendees will experience a diverse array of fascinating and informative topics. Providing a spectrum of fascinating topics, the Summit will cover everything from the latest trends in SEO and marketing to compliance and licensing updates. Consequently, such extensive coverage only means that the Summit is perfect for professionals from sectors of the iGaming industry.

Educational panels such as “Content, SEO, and PR working together to create EEAT strong SEO strategy in 2024” and “AI, SGE and all things changing in 2024 in the SEO landscape” are just two examples of what the Summit has to offer. Even more convenient, the sessions are not the usual theoretical explanations, but they provide practical insights that can be applied to all verticals of the iGaming industry, including the iGaming affiliates.

Perhaps the most exciting panel for affiliates is the “iGaming Mastery: Innovative Strategies in Marketing, PR, and Retention”, being that it tackles essential aspects of the realm of affiliate marketing, including strategies such as improving customer engagement and retention, the number one concern for affiliates.

Regardless of whether you are an iGaming affiliate who wants to expand your knowledge or a veteran iGaming professional, given the overwhelmingly high demand for tickets, as well as their limited availability, time is of the essence. Consequently, this massive interest by the industry only positions the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 as one of the most important events on the annual iGaming calendar.

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