PokerStars Re-Enters Switzerland via Casino Davos

The biggest online poker provider, PokerStars, is finally making a comeback on the lucrative Swiss gambling scene.

One of the world’s leading online poker providers PokerStars will once again dwell in the Swiss gambling scene. After nearly two years of absence, that is. More specifically, PokerStars re-enters Switzerland and the gambling market via Casino777, which is subsequently a subsidiary of the land-based Casino Davos. This Swiss gambling provider is probably the perfect match for PokerStars, given the poker-oriented services that this brand offers. For that matter, starting July 1st, 2021, the new cooperation will officially commence.

The re-entrance of PokerStars in Switzerland comes after nearly two years of absence. In particular, this is the first time since July 2019 that PokerStars show any interest in the Swiss gambling scene. Consequently, the main culprit for PokerStars leaving is the Federal Act of Money Games. These new gambling regulations only permit Swiss land-based casinos to obtain an online license. Thus, due to imposing the new gambling laws on all foreign operators, PokerStars had no choice but to leave.

However, thanks to this new deal between PokerStars and Casino Davos, all of this is about to change. And it seems like everyone is quite happy with this outcome. For that matter, we show you what Robert Kocher, the Chief Gaming Officer of Casino777 had to say on the new partnership:

The preparatory work for this launch has been going on for months. The project is not completely without challenges. All provisions of Swiss legislation must be complied with, for example with regard to player protection or money laundering prevention.

Robert Kocher – Chief Gaming Officer at Casino777

The fact that PokerStars re-enters Switzerland via this partnership can only be good news. Especially since the platform that Casino Davos provides for PokerStars is the perfect opportunity for Swiss players to reconnect with one of the best online poker operators. As such, the new partnership enables PokerStars to operate within the boundaries of the new legislation. Moreover, any new players will be able to enter PokerStars’s global tournaments via any Android or desktop device. This will be possible via a unique Swiss homepage, which we may add is quite convenient. And it only requires registering an account with Casino777.

Consequently, the account is protected by Swiss laws, and also conveniently handles all of your transactions. It is good to mention that PokerStars is working on releasing this type of service for IOS(iPhone) users as well. This should happen somewhere toward the end of the year.

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