Playtech to Open Their First Live Casino in Michigan

Playtech aims to open the company’s first Live Casino in the state of Michigan, thus establishing a serious presence in the US gambling scene.

The news about Playtech starting a live casino in Michigan shouldn’t come as much surprise. Given the affiliation and presence that Playtech already has in the US gambling market. And especially if you are familiar with the company’s background, and their connection with the USA. In fact, Playtech has prior experience in dealing with the said market through several joint ventures. More specifically, dealing with businesses such as BetMGM, and linking with British giant Bet365 for similar reasons. Consequently, after learning about this, it is no wonder that the company is aiming to expand its presence even more.

The state of choice for Playtech to do this is Michigan. More specifically, Southfield, Michigan. The location where the company obtained the lease and documentation. The Playtech COO (Chief Operating Officer), Shimon Akad said the following when asked about the company’s intentions:

The new studio in Michigan is the first step in our US live expansion as we look to deliver live studios in all regulated states. Our Michigan studio is being designed to be one of the more sophisticated studios tailored to the US market featuring innovation and entertainment at its best. The scale of our technology and breadth of our product will allow Playtech to take the live iGaming experience in the US to the next level.

Shimon Akad – Playtech COO

Knowing the pedigree and status of Playtech, should be an easy task. Moreover, the excellent video technology the studio plans on using will be the same as all Playtech products. The studio will be in direct communication with the main offices in Riga, Latvia. Furthermore, the studio in Michigan will likely have uniquely built areas. These are meant specifically for certain operator clients, in addition to having network tables. Consequently, we expect that as the game offer and live casino grow, that Playtech will consider expanding if necessary.

And certainly, one of the best perks about this venture is the new job openings. Since usually new business almost always means new job opportunities. The COO of Playtech gave the following statement, concerning potential new job openings:

At Playtech, we pride ourselves in being a key member of all our communities, and we are thrilled to be bringing employment opportunities to local communities as part of our expansion in the US. With the effects of the global pandemic still felt in markets across the globe, it is more important than ever we support our local industries and communities

Shimon Akad – Playtech COO

As we said in the beginning, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. That is Playtech opening a live casino in Michigan. is already familiar with the US market, in addition to having the experience and resources for such a move. And why not?! Given how the US online gambling scene is yet to explode and unleash its full potential. Playtech is just another of those smart companies, that see the potential to invest early in this ‘new’ business environment. And we only expect this trend to continue in the future even more. Especially if we take into consideration how many similar providers are sure to plan the same thing. This means that the battle for the US market is just starting.

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