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Play Meta Game is the first crypto casino that operates on a smart contract, and with that, one of the most technically advanced in the industry!

In a sea of online casinos in various shapes and sizes, it can be challenging to find an operator that truly stands out from the crowd. And while it is true that every casino tends to integrate various features to be different from the competition, the number of casinos that manage to do this is surprisingly low. Gamblers Connect is happy to present you with an online casino that is nothing short of a one-of-a-kind, Play Meta Game.

Launched in 2023, we can easily claim that Play Meta Game is everything that the pinnacle of online casino gaming has to offer. Operating as a full-blown crypto casino that comes with a long list of the best cryptocurrencies on the market, Play Meta Game is a unique operator that will blow you away with its ingenuity.

One of the biggest reasons why we say this is because Play Meta Game is the first crypto casino that operates on a smart contract. This alone is more than enough to give you a glimpse of what type of casino we are talking about. However, that is only the beginning.

Being that Play Meta is all about implementing the latest technology that the iGaming world has to offer, it is no surprise that it also comes with a bunch of other cutting-edge features. One of these is the fact that you don’t have a traditional registration procedure. Here, the way you register is via a crypto wallet, which is both time-saving and of utmost convenience.

Moreover, the same convenience continues when it comes to both the payments and the online slots. Meaning that you don’t need to have an account to play their games. Even better, Play Meta doesn’t work with standard payment methods, which consequently results in cutting off third parties, which drastically saves you time. Not only that, but all of your transactions are lightning-fast, there are no limits on deposits and withdrawals, and you get an unmatched dose of anonymity.

And this is without even mentioning the impressive entertainment and the amazing bonuses that Play Meta has to offer.In fact, this online casino even has a Telegram chat bot which frequently drops special prizes, promos, and various surprises for all players who will register with the casino.

Gamblers Connect is always happy when we come across an advanced online casino such as Play Meta Game that combines all the latest features and technology that our industry has to offer. This is why we recommend heading to our casino department and reading the full review of this online casino. And this includes even those players who are not a fan of crypto casinos.

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