Pennsylvania Reports Record Gaming Revenue For April

The state of Pennsylvania is the latest to report all time high numbers from gaming revenue.

It seems like the number of states that are reporting a rise in revenue from gaming grows by the day. Especially after the amazing record-breaking year, the state of New Jersey had, making over $1b in gaming revenue. And the latest case with the state of Pennsylvania record gaming revenue just proves that. More specifically, in April Pennsylvania generated a whopping $404.1m gaming revenue.

This is an insane 776.2% increase if we compare the numbers to April 2020. More importantly, this is an improvement of the previous record which was set one month earlier, or in March. Consequently, basically, everyone involved in the gaming industry is making money. Even more so with the massive immunization which is taking place at the moment.

Pretty much every single aspect of gaming in the US is noticing a high rise in numbers. For example, online slots have a 129.2% increase, or $62.6m. From here, online table games notice a crazy rise of 812.0%, or $26.3m. Sports betting is reporting very strong numbers as well. It has an increase of 164.0%, or $26.3m. From here, $21.5m is from online, and $4.8m is from retail revenue.

All totalling an amount of $479.4m. However, nothing compares with the revenue from retail slot games and table games. Retail slot games are responsible for bringing $201.3m, while retail table games made a hefty $77.8m. Truly insane numbers.

Furthermore, many gambling providers and online casinos made a fortune as well. It seems like everyone is reporting record numbers for the past few months. For example, Parx Casino has the strongest numbers for both slot and table games. They reportedly made 37.6m from the slot and $18.2m from table games. Next in line is Wind Creek Bethlehem with $22.5 for slots and $14.2m from table games.

Moreover, Hollywood Casino has the highest individual gaming revenue, or $33.8m. A major contributor towards this has to be the partnership with Draft Kings. Second place for individual earnings is Rivers Casino with 26.6m, while the third is another Draft King partner, Valley Forge with $14.8m. All in all online revenue is noticing a 115.2% increase, or $92.7m for the whole state. Consequently, this turned the month of April into the second-best ever, right after March.

And sports betting is nothing different as well. Out of the $479.4m, FanDuel partner Valley Forge Casino Resort is the leader with $169.9m. Coming in second is Barstool Sports’ Meadows Casino with $106.9m while closing in third is DraftKings partner, Hollywood Casino with $58.6m.

Additionally, Valley Forge also has the highest individual revenue with $11.4m, while the Meadows Casino made $5.6m. The third place is for Hollywood Casino who reported $137.000. Mohegan Sun Pocono notices the highest rise out of all, or a whopping 2065%. This amounts to $310.936.

However you look at this, one thing is for sure. The US gaming scene is growing at a rapid pace. The loosening of the restrictions and going back to normal plays a crucial role definitely. Yet, what is even more exciting is the fact that this market is just starting to experience the real ‘boom’. And with that in mind, experts worldwide are predicting that this is just the beginning. And that events such as Pennsylvania record gaming revenue is just scratching the surface of something much, much bigger.

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