Paysafe Initiates NETELLER Knect Loyalty Program

Paysafe sets in motion the NETELLER Knect Loyalty Program, making NETELLER part of a select group of ewallets with similar reward feature.

Paysafe is probably one of the best and definitely most frequently used payment methods worldwide. And thanks to Paysafe, today NETELLER is one of the select few with its own personal loyalty program. Ever since the starting steps in 2000, this company and its brands have done nothing but impress us. In fact, one closer look into the company background, and you will easily find that both ewallet giants Skrill and NETELLER operate under Paysafe.

Consequently, it is no wonder why Paysafe reports nearly billions in revenue annually. Especially if you take into consideration the fast transactions and quite a convenient and user-friendly interface that all Paysafe ewallets provide. Making your potential online transactions in a safe and reliable environment.

And even today Paysafe still manages to find new ways to bring in even more players. That is in addition to keeping the already existing customers happy as well. That is with the latest reward program NETELLER Knect, the loyalty system provided by NETELLER

Being one of the biggest and most used in the online payment methods scene, NETELLER is currently available in over 200 countries. Meaning that the company is already quite stable. However, there are always several competitors who are gaining attention, and with that customers, fast. And Paysafe, or NETELLER, recognizes the importance to keep loyal customers happy in order not to ‘jump ships’. Hence the NETELLER Knect Loyalty Program, is a convenient way for the number one spenders to get something back for their loyalty.

The NETELLER Knect loyalty program is already active in 100 countries. This is quite impressive if we take into account that the program is out just a few days now. One major benefit is that is very easy to become eligible for a reward, i.e. participate. The only thing you need to you is to choose NETELLER the next time you make a valid transaction. And that’s it. After conducting your payment, you will receive a certain amount of NETELLER Knect reward points.

You can then use or exchange these points however you choose so. More specifically, you can use them for certain discounts with various merchants, and for gift cards from select brands as well. Moreover, you can also exchange the points for e-money thanks to the NETELLER Cryptocurrency Service. And on top of all, NETELLER is planning to release additional rewards in the future as well.

I’m excited to see our NETELLER Knect loyalty program go live as the first in a number of initiatives which are set to reward our valued customers. From today, all of our digital wallet customers will be able to enjoy exciting rewards just by using their wallet or prepaid Mastercard. We place huge value on our partners and merchant relationships too, and the Knect loyalty program benefits them as well. NETELLER helps to connect businesses with millions of customers worldwide and we are always looking to find partners that can help us offer the best rewards to our customers at the best time.

Lorenzo Pellegrino – CEO of NETELLER & Skrill

Finally, it takes one quick research to find that this is not the first time Paysafe uses a loyalty program like this one with NETELLER. Skrill is also having a pretty similar loyalty program, their very own Skrill Knect. This was the first and original Knect loyalty feature, emerging in November 2019. Consequently, being one of the top three payment options has its perks. Because of that, Skrill have currently over 1 million users in the Skrill Knect loyalty program. In addition to over 1 billion Knect points awarded so far.

The new loyalty feature with NETELLER only ‘cement’ the already rich portfolio and pedigree of this ewallet. Especially if we take into account that both NETELLER and Skrill and probably the most frequent picks for veteran gamblers. And now with these amazing awards, the whole thing just got even better. Now you can win even more.

Meaning every time you hit a win at your favourite casino, prior to depositing with NETELLER, you will also get points/reward for simply choosing this method. We cannot wait to see what next some of these ewallet giants have in store for us.

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