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There is no need for any special introduction for this one. Given that Bitcoin is literally the first-ever cryptocurrency. Along with that, it is also the most popular and with the highest value among all other crypto-competitors. Despite being created in 2009, this currency was low-key and unknown up until 2011. Ever since then, both the value and popularity of Bitcoin keeps growing at an alarming rate. To put things in perspective, in 2017 the market cap of cryptocurrencies grew by a whopping 4000%! Furthermore, in 2017 this cap was around 21 billion USD, while today that amount is around 500 billion dollars. Crazy numbers. This just goes off to show how much Bitcoin is actually worth, being the pioneer that started it all. 

Due to its popularity, today in 2021 we have over 1500 different cryptocurrencies, all emerging in less than 5 years. And each is inspired by the legendary Bitcoin. An ultra-safe and anonymous online cryptocurrency, without any foreseeable limits nor predictions as to its final price. However, one thing is for sure. Everyone wants a piece of the Bitcoin pie today.

Bitcoin in the Online Gambling World

Being the grandfather of all cryptocurrencies, you can certainly expect to find this crypto coin quite a lot in modern gambling. Having the title ‘first’ comes with quite a few perks. One of them is that every single casino which offers crypto as an option is sure to have Bitcoin as a choice. With around 1500 cryptocurrencies out there, to be the only one that is always present is quite an achievement. And if we take everything into consideration, we don’t see why it shouldn’t. As with the rest, Bitcoin started and still uses the same blockchain technology that all other cryptocurrencies are using, making it ultra-safe and anonymous. Moreover, the number of online casinos which offer Bitcoin as an option is growing each day. In addition to the several fully crypto casinos, which have it as one of their main currencies. 

Consequently, such interest motivated casinos to give out welcome bonuses with Bitcoin as the currency, inspiring new players to enter the future of gambling. The main thing that draws both existing and new players towards Bitcoin, is the safety and value, topped with the utmost confidentiality and government interference.

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How to Deposit

Bitcoin is fairly simple and easy to use, once you get a hold of the basics. As we said earlier, you can use Bitcoin in online gambling pretty much everywhere. For that matter, there are a couple of things you need to do before you can bet and use it as a legitimate currency. We will break down the steps for you below:

1. Find the right BTC e-wallet
2. Create an account & register
3. Transfer funds into your BTC wallet
4. Deposit in any casino with BTC as an option

After conducting the procedure and successfully transfer your funds, you are ready to go. Just navigate yourself to the Deposit centre that all casinos have, and select Bitcoin as an option. For withdrawals is pretty much the same. You just ask for a withdrawal request in a form of Bitcoins, and the casino will transfer you the funds in your wallet. Afterwards in your wallet, you can change the Bitcoins into any regular currency as you wish. Quite soon you will find that this cryptocurrency is probably the most exciting and safe way to perform such transactions. Hence the reason why so many casinos choose to go with this particular cryptocurrency.

How to Cash Out

It is really easy to use this coin, and that applies to cashing out as well. As soon as you feel like you are done and you wish to stop, you can easily do so. Just visit the Deposit/Withdraw section and select Bitcoin as a means to withdraw your funds. The casino will then send the money to your wallet, where you can change them into any currency you wish. The process can be between 8 minutes and 24 hours max. before the funds appear in your wallet.

The transactions are 100% anonymous. One fun fact, for example, is that no government regulations apply to this coin, anywhere. Meaning that there is no way for anyone to trace, hack or see your real identity and location. This is all thanks to the blockchain technology that this particular cryptocurrency emerged with. Thanks to this type of security, Bitcoin is the number one choice ever since 2017, when it comes to safety and transparency.

  • The Future of Payment Methods
  • Secure & Safe
  • Fast & Anonymous Transactions
  • No Limit
  • The First Ever Cryptocurrency
  • World Wide Usage
  • Value not Stable
  • Not as common as Regular Currencies
  • Can be tricky for Newbies


Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that enables online payments with great speed, in a safe and secure transaction environment.

You can buy Bitcoin by creating a digital wallet, creating an account transferring funds into your wallet. Afterwards you can exchange your USD for example, for BTC, depending on your need.

The most used and known digital wallets for BTC purchases at the moment are: PayPal, Coinbase, Robinhood and Exodus. These are all beginner type wallets, perfect to start you up with crypto.

Not only are your funds safe and secure, they are also protected with the latest blockchain technology This makes your ID, funds and location practically impossible to find/get.

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