New Partnership: Onlyplay & Gamblers Connect

Gamblers Connect presents Onlyplay – a provider that is known for innovation, trendsetting, and some of the most unique casino games.

OnlyPlay has officially partnered with GamblersConnect

Gamblers Connect is delighted to present you with a provider that will completely blow you away with its ingenuity, creativity, and futuristic approach to creating online casino games, Onlyplay. Simply put, Onlyplay is not your average game developer. Everything that this studio puts out is a unique blend of cutting-edge features and innovation, which is why their games are some of the most exciting in the business.

All it takes is one look at the motto of Onlyplay and you instantly realize their mission – “Creating games today for the players tomorrow”. The main goal of Onlyplay is to create the ultimate casino games that are like no other you have played before. To achieve this bespoke way of work, Onlyplay is known for its bold approach and for experimenting while implementing innovative ideas into new features and mechanics.

This is why when we say that creativity is the strongest suit of Onlyplay we truly mean a provider that is all about changing the iGaming industry for the better. As a result, you will find that the games produced by this developer always emphasize animation and design, which consequently leaves us with a visual masterpiece every single time. And this is regardless of the game type that this studio creates, and they dwell into quite a few types, believe us when we tell you.

Crash games, online slots, instant win games, slottery, infinity play, cascade slots, and multiplayer games. Every type of online casino game that you can imagine, Onlyplay can deliver. And the best part is that regardless of what they decide to release, it is always a unique piece of art. One example of this meticulous and creative way of work is their mega-hit, multiplayer game Piggy Tap.

An ingenious concept where the goal is to break the piggy bank and claim your winnings, Piggy Tap is an online casino game that is built on innovation. Not only do you play with other players in real time, but Piggy Tap also comes with a bunch of bonus features that will make your head swirl. These include 3 progressive jackpots, free spins with multipliers, a Fortune Wheel with multipliers, and a buy option.

In fact, the best way to experience this multiplayer casino game is to read the full review of Piggy Tap and see for yourself why it is considered a game that is changing the way studios create casinos forever.

Due to the unmatched experience of Onlyplay in several other verticals of the iGaming industry (including crypto, social gaming, and lottery), this studio has an advantage over other providers that is hard to match. This is why their priceless knowledge allows them to create innovative solutions for online casinos that are reshaping the industry as we speak, and it is why players simply cannot stay away from their games.

Gamblers Connect is more than happy to present Onlyplay as our new partner. It is truly a provider that will go down as one of the biggest trendsetters and innovators that this industry has ever seen.

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