Online Casino Gambling – Leading The Way Into The Future

Online gambling is one sector of the online entertainment industry that is reporting record revenue numbers, and it seems like that trend is only going to continue in the future.


It is no surprise that the future of online gambling is very bright. In fact, pretty much every single aspect of the online entertainment scene is noticing a fast-paced rise in popularity, and revenue for that matter. Regardless if the subject in question is an online gambling activity, or a simple online retail store, one thing is certain. During the lockdown in 2020, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, online businesses and stores were growing exponentially by the day. In fact, this was up to a such extent, that you can easily say that almost every online service provider is reporting strong revenue numbers.

The current online craze for online stores started out a couple of decades ago. More specifically, ever since Book Stacks Unlimited emerged on the scene in 1992. This new type of online purchase was enough for people to go crazy. Being that Book Stacks is 3 years before Amazon, this online book store revolutionized the whole concept of online shopping. And it did not take long for this convenient way of buying to quickly find its way into every single aspect of almost every service industry. Pretty soon, those with the resources and logistics, quickly implemented these new online services into their business and work model. And boy did that certainly pay off.

Consequently, gambling is one of those online departments that are noticing quite a rise in numbers. That is the case ever since the concept first emerged on the gambling scene. More specifically, it happened with the start of InterCasino back in 1996 as the world’s first-ever online casino operator. Today, more than 25 years later, online gambling still keeps growing in popularity, at a really fast pace. Up to such an extent, that in 2021 we have a plethora of the most diverse online gambling options.

Ranging from online casinos to sportsbooks and virtual racing. Hence it should come as no surprise that brick-and-mortar casino operators cannot match the convenience that comes with online casinos. From the plethora of different iGaming providers, to the ability to play from the comfort of your home.

As a result, many experts predict that this rise in the popularity of online gambling will only continue to grow in the future. If we take into account the number of new online casinos that pop up almost daily now, that is certainly a great possibility. In fact, there are several predictions that state that the market will rise 11% each year, up until 2027. And given that we are currently in 2021 and we already have thousands of online casinos, these predictions seem only a matter of time.

For that matter, there are several reasons for the huge success of Online Gambling and the impact it has on the world gambling scene. We will break down some of the most important points when it comes to determining what makes Online Gambling the logical and convenient option.

The World Is Your Casino

One of the biggest reasons why online gambling is noticing such success is simply due to the convenience that it provides. That means that you can basically do your gaming from literally anywhere in the world. And you also do not have to worry about attire, or working hours as well. Given that you can pretty much do as you please, whenever you please. Whether it is at 3 am in the morning while you are in your pyjamas, or during the day while you are at work. Online casinos will give you that irreplaceable feeling of gaming from your home. In fact, you even choose the casino yourself. And this convenience is what swayed 90% of casino players to switch from land-based to online casino operators.

In other words, online casinos literally save you significant time and a substantial amount of money. Given how much cheaper it is to connect to a Wi-Fi network from your smartphone. In contrast to making reservations at expensive casinos and hotels. Not to mention the plethora of the most diverse online casinos on the internet. That makes the whole concept of online gambling from your phone a tough deal to break, and a feature from the future, in comparison to the ‘rigidness’ of land-based casinos.

Choose From a Plethora of Games & Providers

Speaking of options, online casinos are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to options. Especially if you consider the insane number of both amount and diversity among games and providers. And with the constant emergence of new online casinos on a monthly basis, you literally have options for months and months on end. Hence, it is only natural that there is an almost infinite number of slot games on disposal. Games vary from the old school classic slots, up to the new and unique themed picks such as the tv show ‘Narcos’. Hence, it is no surprise that with that amount of games, comes a great deal of top-tier providers.

Online casinos offer the unique opportunity to personally select your favourite game and the best provider for your style. This is another department where land casinos fall behind since you only get to choose your game and not the provider. As a matter of fact, you can even win a hefty jackpot while sitting on your couch at home. Consequently, with online casinos, you have total control of exactly every aspect of your gaming activity.

The Beauty of Demo Version

Imagine how cool would it be if you could test a game before playing at your local land casino. Yet, given the circumstances, that is simply not possible in land casinos. And that usually triggers both newbies and experts. Especially since not everyone knows how to play every casino game in existence. As a result, not everyone wishes to spend money just to see how the mechanics of a certain game work. Here is where online casinos come into the picture. Rarely you will find a more convenient way than online casinos to test a certain game or tailor the right gaming strategy.

For that matter, almost every single game on your disposal comes with a Demo version for you to try out. And what is even cooler, is that almost every online casino provides a tutorial in order to learn everything about the game in question. Consequently, you can spend the whole day playing games without spending any real money whatsoever. And that is the case with literally every casino that exists. Resulting in the most convenient way for you to plan your approach. All thanks to the Demo.

Latest Technology

Online gambling is definitely a thing of the future. For that matter, being a product of technology, online casinos are always gonna come with the latest tech features and gimmicks. One of the most obvious is smartphones. Rarely you will find an online casino that is not compatible with a mobile device, tablet or pc. This convenience is the biggest deal-maker for many players to make the switch. That is from land to online casinos, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of whether it is a unique payment method such as cryptocurrencies, or a virtual reality experience. Online casinos are always one step ahead of their land counterparts, tech-wise.

As a matter of fact, there are currently several casinos that offer the possibility to experience slot gaming in a virtual and augmented reality environment. This takes the whole concept of online gambling to a whole new level. Given that you can be both in Las Vegas and at home at the same time. The obvious difference is the money that you will save, and the ability to just leave whenever you wish. And the number of VR slot games and casinos is growing each day. Same as with crypto-casinos. Another department where online casinos are superior in regard to land casinos. As a result, we are still waiting for land-based casinos to find a way and implement this cool and convenient payment option.

The obvious difference is the money that you will save, and the ability to just leave whenever you wish. And the number of VR slot games and casinos is growing each day. Same as with crypto-casinos. Another department where online casinos are superior in regard to land casinos. As a result, we are still waiting for land-based casinos to find a way and implement this cool and convenient payment option.


Judging by what is happening in the gambling world at the moment, the future for online gambling is very, very bright. Even more so if you take into account all of the predictions by gambling experts and professionals. In that case, we can easily say that this is merely the start of online casinos. With crypto-casinos and VR casinos already in existence, it is safe to say that online gambling technology is yet to reveal its full potential. And given how fast the industry changes, it should be no surprise if we are heading to an online casinos-only world. Especially if you consider the new, strict gambling laws in many world countries.

Laws mandate land-based casinos to move from populated areas. However, that does not apply to online casinos whatsoever. Whatever the case, you can always rely on online casinos and the convenience that come with this particular gambling experience. That is evident by just taking one look at the profits of online casinos for 2021. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, things were looking very promising for these types of casinos. Now is just a matter of who will report the biggest revenue at the end of a quarter.

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