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Quick Information:

Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Number of employees: 650 +

Trustly Overview

This is another one on the list of modern digital payment methods and has quite a few benefits. Trustly was founded in 2008 in Stockholm, under the name InstaBank. Today the company base is in Malta, but they have offices in several European countries as well, in addition to the total availability in 29 countries. The sole purpose of Trustly is to act as the middleman between the customer and the merchant/vendor/casino and make the registration and verification procedures easy and simple. This way you also get another level of protection, since there is no e-wallet in the middle. Moreover, Trustly is supervised by the Swedish Supervisory Authority, which adds another plus.

The reason why this method is so popular is definitely due to the fact that the transactions are lightning-fast if we compare them with regular bank transfers. Payments with this method are made in a matter of hours, while we all know that bank transfers can take up to a whole week in extreme cases.

Trustly in the Online Gambling World

Being a modern and advanced payment method, Trustly goes excellent with online casinos. Rarely you will find a player that will badmouth this method. Being one of Europe’s most elite digital payment options, it is available at around 300 online casinos. Such popularity is due to the fact that Trustly makes deposits, and withdrawals for that matter, very convenient and user-friendly. You just select it as the main payment method, and afterwards, you will see a list of banks that you can choose to conduct your business. Trustly does everything for you. Processing your transfers while preserving the utmost safe and secure betting environment.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this banking entity is one of Europe’s top choices. 888 Casino, Spin Casino, Jackpot City Casino, CasioBet, 1xBet, 22bet and much more, all have this banking option at their disposal. Making for a really huge number of casinos that you can choose from.

Trustly - Online Banking Payments


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How To Deposit

The whole point of Trustly is to minimize the effort when making a deposit and serve as the medium. Meaning you pay Trustly, and then they pay on your behalf. We will break it down. The first thing to do is to register an account. After that just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up and log in with your online bank account
  2. Go to Cashier and select Trustly
  3. Choose a bank and log in
  4. Enter the desired amount
  5. Confirm via a 2-step verification program
  6. Have Fun

Additionally, have in mind that this method has a standard fee of 1.5%(min. 0.8 EUR). However, if your company is of large volume, then you are eligible for negotiations with Trustly.

How To Cash Out

Cashing out with this one is piece of cake. The first thing you need to do after you are done playing is to visit the Cashier. Make sure your personal ID is correct and ready, in case the casino asks for verification. After that, enter the amount you wish to withdraw from the casino. Furthermore, you will be redirected to Trustly’s website, where you can select your bank. As soon as you do that, just enter the details and click on the Confirm button. And that is it. All that is left next is for you to wait for your funds to reach your account.

This is usually a fast process, however, it may take between 1-3 days in certain cases, which is mainly due to bank verification procedures. As with different online payment methods, Trustly does not work with fees. However, we always advise reading the terms and conditions before deciding to embark on any similar endeavour.

Trustly is acting as the mediator and cashier between you and the casino. Every time you make a deposit/purchase, you are in fact paying to Trustly, who then pay for your behalf to the designated vendor/merchant/casino.
At the moment Trustly is avaliable in 29 countries, and the numbers are growing. Unfortunatelly, all of the countries are based in Europe for the time being.
Very safe. Trustly has the reputation as one of the most secure ewallets on the market, and is in the business over 10 years. In addition, Trustly doesn’t store any personal information. It simply forwards all the personal and card details to the banks, via highly secure and advanced connection.
Trustly doesn’t work with fees, like most of the similar ewallets. However, be aware that there might be certain fees which are associated with using Trustly paralel with your bank account. Thus we advise reading the terms and conditions regardless if you are about to deposit or withdraw.

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