Neteller Payment Method

Quick Information:

Founded: 1996
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Number of employees: 900+

Neteller Overview

The next one doesn’t need much of an introduction. But since it is our job to break things down for you, we will give you the courtesy. Neteller’s first steps were back in 1999. It is owned and operates under the same company that owns Skrill bought in 2015) and Paysafecard. With such pedigree, in only 6 short years Neteller has become the medium for more than 80% of all online transactions worldwide.

While the main focus of the company is definitely on Neteller and Skrill, they also have the following paysafe options: Paysafecard, e-commerce application Payolution, mobile commerce-focused Fans Entertainment, and their affiliate marketing provider-IncomeAccess. There are several reasons behind this success, and one definitely has to be a combination of easy-to-use and security.

Meaning it is far less of a drag to create an account and start playing than with any credit card for that matter. In addition, the transactions are lightning-fast and are free of any additional fees. Today, Neteller is present in more than 200 countries worldwide, with thousands of merchants, casinos and online shops having it as an option. All in addition to the 17 currencies at your disposal. All of these attributes make for one of the best and most widely used online payment methods of all time.

Neteller in the Online Gambling World

Neteller is definitely a big part of the gambling world, and it has been since the early 2000s. With such popularity and flexible banking options, it is no wonder that it is the first choice regarding online transactions for many gamblers. This is even more impressive if we take into account that when first starting in the 2000s, 95% of the company’s income was mainly due to online casino transactions. Consequently, we can easily say that Neteller has become a part of almost every online casino you can think of. However, this availability should come with caution, since it is always best to look for reputable licensed casinos only.

Furthermore, it is good to know that this particular banking method is known as the ‘Paypal’ of online gambling. This is because there is rarely a payment method that can top the number of casinos that have it as an option. All in all, it is hard to imagine an online casino cashier without the famous green Neteller logo.

Neteller - Payment Method


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How to Deposit

The procedure for making the deposit with Neteller is quite simple. The process of creating an account and funding is quite effortless, and quite faster if we compare it to regular card deposits. So here we will break down the steps for your convenience:

  1. Sign up with Neteller
  2. Go to the ‘Money’ section
  3. Select your deposit method
  4. Find your casino
  5. Select Neteller
  6. Deposit & Have Fun

There are not any deposit fees when it comes to transactions via this option. All of the potential fees you may encounter are usually from third parties. Also, note that Neteller has a VIP program, where the more you spend the better rewards you are eligible to win. Additionally, every tier of the VIP program has different rewards, with the prizes getting better as you progress. This awesome feature is backed by 24/7 customer service and an account manager to decrease fees and free money transfers. Moreover, they issue their own plastic prepaid cards, an option that dates back to 2003. It started as the Neteller Card, right until 2008 when it was renamed Net+. You can easily get one in order to become eligible for even greater perks and prizes as a loyal customer.

How to Cash Out

The cashout procedure comes with the same effort and ease. After you finish with your gambling activity and you wish to withdraw your funds, just visit the cashier at the casino. Then, select Neteller as your method to withdraw your funds. After doing so, just enter the desired amount, and wait for the funds to reach your balance. The goal behind Neteller is to provide you with instant transactions. Once the team processes your withdrawal, the funds should reach your balance in about 2-6 hours. And we can tell you that for withdrawals, this is an excellent timeline. As with the other methods, the limits for a maximum and minimum withdrawal depend on the casino house you are playing in, Just have in mind that users from certain European countries have access to even faster transfer methods, with the goal to send the money straight to the registered bank account.

Neteller is an online payment method, or an ewallet, with the purpose of having instant transactions and quite a flexIble monetary system.
Yes, you can use Neteller for both deposits and withdrawals. It is so known and popular, that rarely you will find a casino without Neteller as an payment option.
Yes, Neteller is very safe. Being owned by the same parent company that owns Skrill and Paysafe card comes with perks, and security is definitely one of them.
The only condition is for Neteller to be avaliable in your country. If that is the case, than all you need to do is create an account and apply. The procedure is very simple, and you can find all the information in your account details.

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