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Founded: 2014
Original author(s): Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood

Ethereum Overview

A few names come to mind when we talk cryptocurrencies, and we can easily say that Ethereum is definitely one of them. Being that it belongs in the same category as the likes of Bitcoin, Lithium, Ripple and other crypto giants. The beginning of Ethereum was back in 2014, with the main protagonist and creator being Vitali Buterin. Even though in the early stages most of the deals were ‘smart contracts’, this inventive and unique approach certainly paid off. Moreover, these types of contracts can serve you to add different features and options into the terms and conditions. To give you an example, if you wish to buy a car, you can personally enter whatever clause or option in the deal, so that it works to your benefit.

Consequently, this awesome feature, along with the fact that Ethereum is more liquid and harder to track than even Bitcoin, has only made this currency more desirable. To sum up, this ‘decentralized’ currency which is part of the crypto-chain, is one of the best choices you can make, should you decide to invest. Given that all of the projections so far are quite in ETH’s favour.

Ethereum in the Online Gambling World

Being one of the best, Ethereum is quite easy to find among a lot of casinos. Most of the casino houses opt out of reliable and proven options when it comes to crypto. And this one ticks all the boxes. Despite being relatively new(went live in 2015), this coin is already present in about 100 online casinos as an option. Furthermore, to give you a glimpse of some of the bigger names: Fortune Jack, BitStarz, 7bit Casino, 1xBet, 22Bet, Casobet and much much more. The process of making a deposit is quite easy since it is pretty much the same as with every method. You just need to find the cashier page in the casino and select Ethereum as an option.

One of the major benefits when playing in an online casino that supports ETH has to be the high RTP which is 99.5%, and almost never drops below 99%. Moreover, speed and safety are guaranteed and come without even saying. Another major perk that you get with using ETH for your gaming activities.

Ethereum Full Review


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How To Deposit

The deposit process is fairly similar to the rest cryptocurrencies. First, you need to find an e-wallet that offers Ethereum as an option (Kraken, Coinbase etc.), in order to exchange regular currencies into crypto. Afterwards, just find a casino that offers ETH as a payment method and you are halfway there.

  • Find the right e-wallet
  • Create an account & register
  • Transfer funds into your e-wallet
  • Exchange the funds into Ethereum
  • Deposit in any casino that offers Ethereum

The deposit process for crypto at online casinos is no different from regular currencies. You can easily find it in any Deposit/Withdraw centre at any casino which has it on offer. This is in addition to the already fully crypto-casinos, that operate solely on digital coins. Moreover, the fact that it is completely safe and regulated, should really put your mind at ease. Note that when exchanging from fiat currencies such as USD or EUR, be aware that you are working with exchanges that operate with credit cards or direct wire transfers. But many exchange companies such as Coinbase are using KYC and AML protocols and technology in order to fully prevent any illegal transactions or money laundering activities.

How to Cash Out

Cashing out and getting your money is as easy as it is to deposit. After you do your business and you wish to withdraw your winnings, you just follow a similar procedure. Go to the cashier centre and select ETH as a form to withdraw your funds. The whole process is usually quite fast, as with any other digital coin currency. The maximum amount in which the funds can reach your balance can be up to 3 days. And this depends on several factors. The casino house itself, local regulations and restrictions, individual obstacles and etc. All in all, the whole process is fast, reliable and 100% anonymous. One of the major benefits of ETH is that it is virtually impossible to track, even more so than its biggest rival Bitcoin.

Just note that when withdrawing with Ethereum, it is better to go with a regulated exchange, rather than with one that is not. This is mostly due to the fact that the regulated ones automatically convert your ETH to fiat currency. Something to have in mind, should you decide to use this method.

Yes, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin, with the only distinctive difference being their market value.
Ethereum is very safe and secure. In fact, is it more difficult to track than Bitcoin, the most popular and valuable crypto-coin at the moment.
Absolutely. More and more casinos each day are starting to offer this coin, with the current number of around 100 online casinos that have it in their arsenal.
The process of creating an e-wallet and depositing is quite easy and simple. The tricky part can be the usual high price in which this coin is selling.

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