Bank Wire

Bank Wire transfer

Quick Information:

  • Wire transfers are sent electronically across a network of banks or transfer agencies around the world.
  • Most wire transfers can take as long as two business days to process.
  • All transfers go through a domestic automated clearing house before they are settled.

Bank Wire Overview

We can easily say that Bank Wire transfers are still probably the safest way for you to directly transfer your casino winnings into your bank balance. This should come as no surprise, given how much banks are investing annually in order to have the best security. And with the evolution of Wire Transfers, things got even more serious. Being the ultimate keeper of your funds, there is no need to mince words and tell you how seriously banks take their job. Ever since the creation of SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, it is possible to conduct wire transfers on a global scale.

Consequently, today there are more than 200 countries that allow international bank wire transfers, in addition to around 10.000 merchants/vendors/businesses.

Furthermore, you should know that the term ‘Wire Transfers’ is specifically meant for online transactions, as opposed to the term ‘Bank Transfers’, which is more accurate for the old school of physical transactions. To sum it up, Banks are still one of the few ways by which you can deposit or withdraw money directly to the online casino, without using any third-party merchants.

Bank Wire in the Online Gambling World

Being the origin of monetary transactions and our personal safety, it is no wonder why so many players are using Bank Wire to this day. Despite the emergence of new e-wallets and modern payment solutions, bank wire transfers are still very popular. This is mostly due to the fact that it still has one of the most direct and secure ways to send your money from the casino balance to your bank account. Especially if you are considering making international deposits. Furthermore, thanks to SWIFT, today we are able to conduct instant and safe deposits in almost every corner of the world. And with more than 200 countries and a presence in possibly every single casino out there, you can bet that Bank Wire transfers are still the top dog. So in other words, you can rarely go wrong when it comes to using Bank Wire transfers for your gambling.


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How To Deposit With Bank Wire

Deposits via Bank Wire transfer are easy and anyone can do it. The only thing you are required to have is an active bank account. If that is the case, all that is left for you is to go to your favourite casino that supports Bank Wire. You shouldn’t worry about that, since there are literally hundreds of options. After you make your pick, just:

  1. Log in & go to Cashier
  2. Select Bank Wire Transfer
  3. Enter Banking & Personal Details
  4. Enter the Desired Amount
  5. Get the Verification Code
  6. Wait for Your Funds

Have in mind that it may take up to several days for the funds to reach your balance. One of the few disadvantages of this method. Moreover, another thing to be aware of is that certain banks have mandatory fees. You can always inform additionally by carefully reading all terms and regulations before deciding what to do.

How To Cash Out With Bank Wire

Withdrawing your funds via Bank Wire requires very little effort. The one thing you need to do is obtain the SWIFT number along with your bank account number. You can find all this information by contacting your bank. Furthermore, keep in mind that if you reside in Europe, you may need to provide your IBAN number too. After you are done with the said procedure, simply visit the Cashier section at the casino. Consequently, all that is left to do is enter the details and get wait for your money. The usual waiting time for bank withdrawals is between 1 and 2 days. This depends on whether the transaction is international or not. Finally, mind that the time for the money to reach your account can be up to 5 working days.

Bank transfer is the act of physically or digitally transferring funds into a certain account. Wire Transfer is uniquely reserved for online transactions.
Deposits with Wire Transfer can be between 1-2 days, with certain extreme cases where it can be up to 5 working days.
Yes, very much. Have in mind that the banks are one of the biggest spenders when it comes to latest technology and security. Also, they have additional verification factors and systems, in order to fully guarantee a safe transaction environment.
Yes, you can withdraw money via Wire Transfer, and the limit for the withdraw amount is usually set by the casino. The bank has an usual waiting period of up to 5 days, depending on if the transaction is international, or local.

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