Octobeer Fortunes Will Teleport You To Bavaria And Make You Feel Like You Are Attending The Amazing Oktoberfest

Octobeer Fortunes will make you wanna open a cold beer while simultaneously teleport you in Bavaria to attend the Oktoberfest, only with amazing prizes.


Octobeer Fortunes will especially hit all beer lovers out there, simply because it is inspired by the biggest beer festival on the planet, Oktoberfest. In fact, we can easily claim that Octobeer Fortunes is an online slot specifically designed to attract everyone with a penchant for highly engaging online slots with some of the best visuals you can ask for, and not just beer lovers.

Not only did Pragmatic Play create one of the best beer-themed slots ever, but they also made sure to match the excitement of attending an Oktoberfest event first-hand. Meaning that once you start spinning those pretzels, beer kegs and barmaid Wild symbols, you immediately start feeling like you have been teleported to Munich, Bavaria.

From here, it is hard to extract a single feature that makes this online slot amazing. To begin with, there are absolutely captivating visuals that have become the norm for Pragmatic Play, and they are probably what will get you hooked in the first place. Beer animations and uniquely designed Oktoberfest symbols are just half of it, and they will definitely make you thirsty for a cold one.

And don’t get us started on the mechanics and the overall rewarding nature of Octobeer Fortunes. Aside from the fact that you get a chance to win a massive 4500 times your stake potential at any moment, Pragmatic also made sure to add an amazing Buy Feature that is one of the best we’ve ever had the pleasure to try. Not only that, but the game itself is created to let you choose how much you want to spend, and consequently how much you wish to win.

But do not take our word for it. Just head to the games department at Gamblers Connect and read the full review of the awesome Octobeer Fortunes slot, and see why it is one of the best beer-themed slots ever produced.

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