New Partnership: Hornetbet Casino & Gamblers Connect

Gamblers Connect presents Hornetbet Casino – a casino with more than 5000 games where you can change the colour of the website.

HornetBet Casino has officially partnered with GamblersConnect

Despite our extensive experience in reviewing online slots, there are still times when even experts such as ourselves are blown away by certain online gambling operators. Gamblers Connect is excited to present you with Hornetbet Casino, one of the most unique platforms you will ever see.

The first thing you notice with Hornetbet is its cool logo which features a hornet. In fact, we can confidently say that the logo of Hornetbet is more fitting for a sports team than an online casino, making this casino truly stand out from the crowd.

And is not just the logo, it is the overall design and concept of Hornetbet that is amazing and ingenious. One reason why we say this is the welcome page of the casino, where you are presented with two different windows – a casino and a sportsbook. Just click on where you wish to play, and you will be instantly teleported to your designated area.

Another fantastic feature, and something that more operators should employ, is the personalization options. More specifically, Hornetbet allows you to change the colour of the website per your personal preferences. That’s right, you get 6 different colours, and it is up to you to decide in which colour you wish the website to be presented, which is very exciting.

Yet, these are just the visual aspects of the casino. The more you explore the Hornetbet gambling platform the more you realize that this is not your average casino. The smart design and ingenious branding are further complimented by the technical prowess of this casino, which is off the charts.

More than 5000 games, 10 regular plus 1 special promotions, cutting-edge payment methods, and one of the most entertaining sportsbooks. Hornetbet has everything that it takes to make you a permanent fan right from the very click.

Gamblers Connect is always happy to forge partnerships, and this is greatly amplified when we have a casino such as Hornetbet. It is one of those creative operators who won’t disappoint even the pickiest online casino players out there.

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